Saturday, 10 February 2018

Mercy Delta - for all things silk, pink, handmade and ethical

Oooh, I love it when I come across a brand that makes my heart skip a beat! And we all know that a brand which sells very pink things, tends to do that to me.
I first came across Mercy Delta in a boutique Guernsey in the summer, where I bought two silk blouses - one with pink hearts and one with pink flamingos on it. I love wearing them as they're just so cheery and they add that all important splash of colour to otherwise dark winter outfits, whilst in the summer they are great with denim shorts and pleated skirts.  

Mercy Delta  Stanford Stars Rose (£210)
Mercy Delta is a British brand which was founded by its owner, Katie, seven years ago now, with the blouses being launched six years ago. Katie designs all of the original prints herself, with each piece being hand-printed on 100% silk and being made by artisans in ethical factories in India.  

Mercy Delta Stanford Unicorn
If you're someone who loves stars, hearts, flamingos, unicorns or animal prints, this could be a brand for you. It can be really hard to find prints that make your heart skip a beat but Katie's just seem to tap into something that makes me go "Ooooohhhhh!" And dare I say it but the older I get, the more I appreciate a silk blouse. I'm even able to wear mine in the winter - with suitable layers of course - and they seem so much warmer than cotton ones.
Parke metallic stars midnight Mercy Delta (£120)
And as well as loving the 100% silk,  the ethical considerations are also assuming more of a significance for me too. I've recently worked with a few brands who promote their ethical status and it's definitely something which is an attractive part of their brand ethos.
As well as blouses, Katie designs scarves such as this gorgeous watermelon scarf (£55)....
And the longer styled tops, such as this python print tunic dress (£160), would be perfect on the beach, or over shorts or skinny cropped trousers in the summer.
And with this stars enchanted eye mask (Mercy Delta £22) there's no reason why you can't be super stylish, even when snoozing.  Yes I like that because snoozing is good - very good!
I think that it's fair to say that Mercy Delta pieces are a considered purchase but given the way that are designed and made, that's not surprising. They give so much back that, if it's in any way possible to make the investment, they are so worth it and the cost per wear can be so  much less than a one hit wonder that sits at the back of your wardrobe.

For the sake of completeness and transparency, I came to work with Mercy Delta after I hunted them down on Instgram subsequent to finding their pieces in the Guernsey boutique. I couldn't believe that I hadn't found them before, especially given the "pinkness" of their prints! So we got chatting and they asked if I would like to receive a blouse as a gift, in return for featuring the blouse on Instagram  and writing about them on here - which I was delighted to do as I genuinely love their pieces.

Monday, 5 February 2018

The three oils I swear by...

A few years ago I would probably have balked at the idea of putting oil on my face or hair. The phrase "chip pan face" or "greasy hair"  would quite possibly have been ringing in my ears as I applied them. However I was given some cleansing oil as a gift by Elemis and since then I haven't looked back.

Elemis cleansing oil John Lewis (£31)

I've been grappling with the words to use to describe what it feels like when applying oil to one's face. At first I was totally confused as to what to do but then I realised that it was just the same as using a cleansing cream - although nicer. There's a sort of ritual about applying a face oil which has a calming effect, allowing you to take a moment at the start, or end, of a busy day. It just feels so lovely and this one washes off with water - so no need for cotton wool or wipes. 

Schwarzkopf miracle oil Amazon (£10.91)

If your hair feels in any way wiry, or not as silky as it once did, miracle oil could well be the answer. I've also used Moroccan Oil, which is also great. It just makes my hair feel like my own again, as opposed to the grey, wiry mass that lurks beneath. I wait about 10 minutes after I've come out of the shower before applying - so when my hair is still damp but not dripping - and then I use about the size of a 5p piece. It makes it so much easier to manage and it really does feel like it used to. 

And after discovering cleansing oil and hair oil, I then discovered face oil. I met Saira at QVC as we were sharing a dressing room. She was due to go on TV and talk about her anti-ageing face oil and she gave me a bottle of her oil to try. She explained how it was one of only a few face oils that were certified organic, plus it is also Halal and vegan. She told me how I should warm it in my hands before patting (not rubbing) it on to my face. I absolutely love this product and now that I've run out of it, I'm planning to get some more. It smells lovely and is so nice to put on your face at the end of a long day. There's a lot of information on Saira's website about her product and it's worth taking a look if you're looking for something that is natural, GM free and which isn't tested on animals. 

So yes, since I've got older, I've really started to see the benefit of using oils on my face and hair. Is anyone with me or are you still scarred by the associations of oil going hand in hand with greasy hair and skin as per our adolescent selves?! 

Monday, 29 January 2018

My six top tips for "Strategic Shopping"

Some of my purchases from the Fort Shopping Park

Over the years I've been lucky enough to work with the Fort Shopping Park several times, so I was delighted to be asked to be involved in bringing to life their latest research surrounding the "Theory of Shopping". I was gifted £100 and asked to utilise some tips to assist with strategic shopping. Well if that wasn't right up my (high) street then I don't know what was. Bring it on!

When making my selections at the Fort I was asked to bear the following in mind:
  • How to shop against the clock
  • How to find what you want faster
  • Money saving tips
  • How to tackle the sales
  • When to say yes and when to say no
  • How to get the most out of your purchase
I was also asked to create a shopping guide encompassing these tips, so here goes.

How to shop against the clock....
I have a few tips when it comes to shopping against the clock. First, shop alone. That way you only have to go where you want to go and look at what you want to look at. That may sound selfish but when time is of the essence and you have to succeed, it just makes sense.

Red letter purse Next (£8)
Secondly, set yourself a time limit and keep an eye on the clock. I gave myself two hours to achieve everything and I left exactly two hours after I arrived. It would have been easier to spend longer shopping but keeping an eye on my watch meant that I spent my time wisely. Thirdly work from a list that you've made in advance - you will be much quicker that way. Oh and wear trainers! 

How to find what you want faster...
To be a true strategic shopper, you need to do your homework. Know which shops you want to go to and where they are in relation to one another, so that you avoid doubling back. If you don't know the layout of the stores, head straight to an Assistant and ask for what you're looking for. Shop at a time of day that is quieter so that you can see everything more clearly. 

Money saving tips...
Does  buying a Boots meal deal for my lunch count? I think so! That saved me quite a lot of money. There are some seriously good offers and sales on at the moment (although more about those later.) Money saving tips can involve anything from buying High Street versions of designer looks to utilising discounts from Magazines, to taking advantage of 2 for 1, or 3 for 2 offers or in my case, asking for samples of products that I thought that I might like to try but that which I wasn't quite sure about such as this Benefit girl meet pearl primer and highlighter (£25).

How to tackle the sales...
There's only one way to tackle the sales and that's early in the day - or late in the month - when there's not that much left and it doesn't look like a bun fight. I try only to buy things that I saw and loved when they were full price, rather than going off on a sale frolic which is destined to end in disaster. The best bargains are to be had as the sales are nearing a close and the stores are desperate to get their new season pieces in. 

When to say yes and when to say no...
Listen to your gut instincts. If your heart sings, say yes! If you're not sure, or if you need to ask someone else's opinion, the chances are you know in your heart that it's not right. If something is too tight or if shoes are slightly too small, leave them for someone else. They could be a very bad buy. If it's a one season wonder (unless it's a real bargain) again, leave it.

H&M tassel earrings (£8.99) - eleven colours
Tassel earrings are proving themselves not to be a one season wonder and they really make my heart sing!

A leather jacket could be a brilliant investment but if you're not sure that you're going to love it, trying a non leather jacket. This one from Oasis (£55) is definitely one to say yes to.

And a classic investment is always a good buy. These shoes from Next ticked my "when to say yes" box for a number of reasons. First, I can see myself wearing them for many seasons and on many occasions. It's also worth me spending more on shoes because I find so many of them hard and uncomfortable on my feet.

Next cone heel courts (£48)

How to get the most out of your purchases...

The key to this has to be by buying wisely. It's a bit like answering the question "how do you stay married?" Largely by choosing wisely before you say yes. See, it's the same principle!

So let's assume we're talking about clothes. The cost per wear factor may well come into your decision making process. Think about how you can style something up, or down, as well as how you can layer it up or down. Can you wear it all year round or, like linen, is it quite a seasonal fabric? Can you wear  it both in and out of work? Take for example a black blazer - style it up over a party dress or down with jeans, wear it to work or at the weekend, wear it with a cami underneath or a crew neck jumper - your choices are endless.

New Look "Lucky" Tee (£8.99)

The other thing I advise is using the things that you have bought straight away. Use them, love them and wear them to death. That's getting the most out of your purchase, rather than it sitting in your wardrobe "for best." And actually I advise spending less on clothes for a one off occasion - even a wedding. The cost per wear of those items can be astronomical.

Do you have any fabulous shopping tips that I could include in my guide? If so, I would love to hear them.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

My top 5 Boden picks from now, through to summer, and back again

I hold my hands up. I haven't really been in the shops that much since before Christmas - well apart from buying one very sequinned Zara jumper that is.  Sometimes, in order to re-light my fashion fires, it's necessary to take a little break and hold off for a while. It's also because, if I'm really honest, I don't actually need anything else.

Additionally, before Christmas, I re-organised my wardrobe. I made myself an "A" and a "B" wardrobe, which is something that I do with a lot of my clients. Rather than have all jumpers together, all skirts together, all tops together etc, I've created a section with about 7 or 8 of my "favourites" of each in it, so it's a little like a mini wardrobe.  It makes getting dressed a dream and it also means that I'm utilising what I have much better. It also means that I'm now looking at those pieces that aren't in my "favourites" section with fresh eyes and soon I shall probably swap some of them around.

Anyway, the point of all that is that there are some pieces that are great to wear all year round, are a little bit different to everything else and which just add an interesting element to an outfit.

There are few things more exciting than getting a new brochure through the door and one of my favourites is always the Boden one. Luckily it has the pieces that I'm talking about in spades, so I'm going to share my top five picks for all round, A lister dressing taking you from now, through to the warmer weather and then back again.

How cool are these trousers? I LOVE them! True, as these are a paper bag style, they aren't as fitted and some ladies find that they make them look heavier around the hips. However, for a change they are really refreshing and our skinnies will always be there tomorrow.  Also if you like the idea but feel a little out of proportion in them, wearing them with a heel of some variety definitely helps style them out. 

These trousers are great with white trainers as shown here, with heels or with ankles boots. And I just think that there's something lovely and modern about them. I will be digging out my Whistles pair tomorrow - for sure.

These are an alternative to the peg leg trouser - for those days that you fancy something a little more fresh than a traditional styled pair of trousers and which are flattering on curvier hips. They are lighter in weight so it may be a few weeks before they can be worn but it's lovely to have something new waiting in the wardrobe wings for when the sun's rays first appear.

Some of the pieces that I've really loved wearing over the last few weeks are lighter weight shirts and blouses, which I've layered under chunky knits. If you pull the sleeves of the jumper up it, it reveals a pretty cuff or detail on the blouse, which just makes the outfit that little bit special. Or a frill peeping through at the neck can also work really well. And then when it warms up, hey presto whip your jumper off and the rest of the top can be revealed.

Melissa ruffle neck blouse (£70)

Along with my pretty blouses, statement knits have been a real favourite this winter. Whether it's because of their bright colour, print, sequins, balloon sleeves or heavy weight, a knit with interest really puts a smile on your face. The rainbow stripes on the sleeves of this jumper certainly do that. Great for on the slopes! (No, I most definitely won't be going this year!)

cashmere crew neck (ivory stripe) £130

Updating your jeans has to be one of the best ways of injecting a whole new lease of life into your wardrobe. I have a pair very similar to this from the GAP and I love wearing them. They're also two toned with a raw edge and they are great for the every day and for going out. I wasn't sure at first but now I'm a real convert. 

And a midi dress is THE perfect addition to a wardrobe, especially one such a this which can be layered with knee high 70s style boots and a fitted polo neck in the winter and with pom pom flats and layered necklaces in the summer. It's a great shape too with a little arm coverage, a v neck a nipped in waist and a little volume in the skirt. Big tick in the flattering dress shape department. 

A bag with interest is a real show stopper all season round.  It doesn't have to be bright in particular - although I like a bright bag. But look for studs, tassels, detailing, leopard print or just something that grabs your eye and makes your heart skip a beat. 

Renee shoulder bag (£150) which also comes in ultra blue, navy blue, leopard and black.

And finally, the sunnies in a cats eye shape, which is THE shape of the season. I'm not really a sunnies girl in the winter - I feel a bit of a numpty in them - so I tend to save them for the sun. But on others? I think that they look fabulous. 

Oooh and these are probably a bit of a cheeky inclusion as I've run out of  my five choices but trainers have to earn their place in my favourite wardrobe items to see you through from winter to summer and back again.  Anything that you have that's feeling a bit blah and in need of a lift - just stick it with some white trainers. They'll soon give it a kick up the whatsit. 

Hollie spot trainers (£75 to £98)

So my lack of trips to the shops? Well that's all about to change as I have lots of Personal Shopping appointments coming up. In the name of "research" I shall be hitting the shops soon - do let me know if there's anything you're on the look out for in particular.

Monday, 22 January 2018

What to wear when running? It's the eternal question!

One of the subjects that I'm most frequently asked about is running: what to wear, what to eat and how to get out there and do it in the first place!

Well luckily, the issue of how to get out there in the first place (and hopefully quite a few other things besides) is addressed in this post here which I wrote back in October. I've written several running posts over the years, which you can also read here and here (there may be a little overlap. Sorry!)

But as to what to wear? Well that seems to be something that causes much discussion if not a little distress. So I'm going to identify some of the things that you might want to think about and then have a chat about them. Oooh but first, I should just say that I'm not able to include images from GAP and M&S for some reason. I've tried for hours but I'm just going to have to get on and post, or else abandon the whole thing!

So here goes....
  1. Layers
  2. Underwear 
  3. Socks 
  4. Leggings
  5. Tops  
  6. Jackets
  7. Hat and gloves

Layers are, if you like, the holy grail of getting it bang on temperature wise. Layers of fairly well fitting pieces made from sporting fabrics that are of similar thickness and which can be taken off and on again as needed, are essential. Anything heavy, such as a sweatshirt (non breathable) or with feathers in it such as a puffa (too hot) will leave you feeling uncomfortable and heading for home before you've finished your first km.

And the point of the layers being fitted as opposed to baggy is that they will fit underneath each other without getting ruched up and becoming uncomfortable.  

Even on the coldest of days, such as today when it was snowing, I'm only in 3 layers - and I'm an utter wimp. I always wear a fitted no sleeved vest as a basic. Then when it gets colder I'll add a long sleeved top and from about mid October onwards, a jacket. The only thing that changes during the winter is the weight of my jacket. I have one heavier one that I wear when it's really cold and rest of the time (if a jacket is needed at all) it's a lighter weight one.  And apart from your first layer of a vest top, in my humble opinion, all of them should have long sleeves so that they can be tied around your waist.


Irrespective of your bust size, I would absolutely say that a sports bra or cropped sports top is necessary. They are made for comfort and offer the best support possible. They can be padded or not, underwired or not. They can have racer backs, wide straps, narrow straps - anything that you like really but I would say that the right underwear is key. We've all seen those women running in the wrong bras and I'm not sure that any of us wants to go there.

Personally I love the M&S ones but I think that I'm inherently lazy and I just can't be bothered to try other brands. Plus I guess if they work, there's no need to look anywhere else. They have great prints, colours and styles, all of which you can take a look at here

There are special pants that you can buy to run in but I've never ventured into those. My everyday pants have always served me just fine but if they're your thing by all means give them a try (and let me know what you think.)


This sounds dramatic but the thought of running in "normal" socks fills me with horror. I don't know why - maybe it's a security thing. I like nice, soft, well padded, sports socks. Some of the best are, for my money, in Primark. I like them cut quite low too - they're just more flattering around the ankles, especially if you're wearing capri leggings. 


Oooh now there's a subject with legs. Capri or full length? Low rise or high rise? Fabric composition? Thermal or not and how about compression? 

I would say that I've probably tried most of them and my favourites are high rise capris. Full length thermal tights are great for when it's really cold and compression tights do feel lovely on a very long run but both of those are pricey. So on the whole, if you're just starting out and don't plan on over investing in them, capris seem to do the trick 90% of the time.

Some of my favourite capris are the high rise sculp capris from GAP (£62.95)  I have to say that I've never paid anywhere near anything like that for a pair of Gap capris. Usually I pay no more than £25 in the sale or with a 40% friends and family discount. But see the high rise and the wide waistband? That's what I really like about them.

Or for a legging, there's the high rise Winterbrush print leggings from GAP (£59.95).

There's even a 7/8th legging which is longer than a capri but shorter than a full length legging. There's so much choice, so I've linked to them all here

I've also had great leggings from Victoria's Secret as well as these Body Glove Active Wear leggings (£69.99) that were gifted to me by Cocobay this time last year. 

Oh and on a really, really cold day, full length tights with shorts over the top can stop you from getting a chilly bum on a long run. 


I've already mentioned vest tops. This is the kind of fitted vest top that I like but it all comes down to personal preference. If it's a really hot day I might wear a slightly looser vest as I won't be putting another layer over the top. Otherwise it's fitted all the way. 

H&M sports vest top (£8.99)

This top is fab. It comes in 8 colours and whilst they're not necessarily very "shouty" that's fine if you don't want to stand out too much. If you do, then there are brighter ones at H&M or Primark again is good for running vests. 

As to long sleeved tops, again I prefer them to be fitted but it's all a question of taste and what works for you. I also like them to have a thumb hole in them so that I can cover my hands on colder days. 

Seamless sports top H&M (£17.99)

This is a great top in four different colours. I love that there are bright printed pieces out there at places like Sweaty Betty and Lululemon but I think that it can be too easy to get sucked into the mindset of thinking that it all has to look super cool. If you're trying to impress in a central London yoga class then maybe - if you're running along the canals in the urban hinterland of Birmingham - not so much! 


This is my absolute favourite lighterweight jacket. It's the Seafolly Flower Festival windbreaker jacket from Cocobay and it's now in the sale, reduced from £82 to £49.20.

The best thing about this jacket is that it's cropped, so it offers all of the warmth that I need over my arms and upper torso but there's not too much flapping around, should I need to take it off and tie it around my waist. I love the print too and the fact that I can put my keys in my pocket. 

Hat and gloves and bits and bobs

Hats can be a real love, or a real hate item. One of my friends goes a bit woozy if ever she wears a hat, however cold it is. Others get earache - in which case a hat can be essential. A head band (not Bjorn Borg style I hasten to add) can be a great idea and if you've got long hair and they can also look fab. 

One of my favourite places for those extra bits and bobs is Sports Direct. They have all manner of things from the obvious hats and gloves, to reflective strips, head torches, and armbands for your phone. I've gone through many armbands over the years and this neoprene Karrimor X-lite reflect armband, which comes in four colours, is my favourite by far. 

Karrimor armband (£8.75 instead of £19.99)

It's great because first, it doesn't come undone, secondly there's room for a key and some money in it and thirdly, unlike the plastic ones, it doesn't chaff if it's against bare skin in the summer.

And I still think that this is a great place to start if you want to know the ins and outs about running. I get it out every time I'm about to run a race, returning to my favourite pages for the hints and tips. 

I hope that this post helps but if you have any questions or queries, you know where to find me! 

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

A round up of new season HUSH!

Shall we? On this cold (and now snowy) January Tuesday evening, shall we treat ourselves to a peek at the new collection from HUSH? Oh the flip yes! Let's take a moment or two to cast aside those winter chills and turn our thoughts to warmer weather and lighter clothing.

This colourblock jumper (£110) is going to sell out in a flash, for sure. So if you're even vaguely tempted, I would secure one now. Is it not the perfect transitional jumper? Maybe it's something to do with the fact that it's pink. And navy. My two favourite colours ever.

And oh hello, Mrs Predictable strikes again with this printed silk shirt (£115) which just happens to be in midnight and pink. I am a huge fan of silk shirts. Easy to say I know but they feel so lovely against the skin and the older I get the more I appreciate them - which I think is a good thing. Sort of.

I love how it's styled here with the Amesbury shoe (£149) and these stripe bryce culottes (£59). I wasn't sure that I particularly liked this style of shoe when I saw it on its own but I knew that when I saw it as part of an outfit I probably would. And oh what a surprise. I do!

Oh hello puff sleeved sweat top (£59) aren't you the perfect piece to take us from winter into spring?

And I am absolutely feeling all the love for this asymmetric Veria frill skirt (£69) which will be brilliant with heeled ankle boots, or 70s style boots and a roll neck now, or with flat sandals or trainers plus a t-shirt and denim jacket once the warmer weather arrives. It's already limited stock so again, be quick!

Oh and how about this to completely fall in love with? The famous Hush Onyx leather jacket in Blush (£295). With its 166 reviews (albeit most are for the other colours of grey and black) this is a much loved jacket across the shoulders of many a women throughout the country.

And last but definitely not least, I'm over the moon to see these frayed star jeans (£79). They are really similar to a pair of jeans that I have from Mango and which people always ask me about when I wear them on Instagram. Up until now I haven't seen anything similar but these are so similar that hopefully they will make a lot of people really happy! It's made me happy just knowing that they may make someone else happy. And they're a relaxed style so you can get the same slouchy fit. Someone please buy them and tell me what they're like!

Well that's certainly brightened up my Tuesday night as I sit in front of the log burner with snow outside. Please go away soon snow. I can't stand any more slippery journeys to school. Oh and it is Tuesday isn't it? I said to my daughter's boyfriend earlier that perhaps they should consider going to a particular place for dinner as they did 2:1 on burgers on a Monday. He gave me a slightly odd look before gently saying "Is it Monday today? I thought it was Tuesday." The boy has tact.

Sunday, 14 January 2018


We are lucky enough to have a fabulous John Lewis in Birmingham and when I was sent the look book and press pack by the store about a new brand that was launching, I was really excited to write about it. 

The new brand, "PATTERNITY + John Lewis", is stocked within our Loved & Found section in the store, which is essentially like a boutique comprising lots of niche brands. The range can also be found online here.

PATTERNITY was founded in 2009 by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham who had a drive to use pattern as a tool to "explore, innovate and inspire mindful living through design." The founders chose to collaborate with John Lewis because they felt that as well as being iconic, it is also super forward thinking, as represented by this collaboration which combines fashion with interiors, for the first time.  

PATTERNITY + John Lewis long line parka John Lewis (£99)

The brand is about laid back sophistication with pieces for the home, together with active wear and leisurewear which can be combined together, or with existing pieces in your wardrobe, for a really modern look. The strong monochrome pallet and geometric prints are striking without being overwhelming (unless you choose to make a real style statement with them.) 

I love the above parka. It caught my eye straight away for its print, length and volume. It's a real "throw it over" item of clothing and it doesn't really matter what's going on underneath because it's all about the parka. That's my kind of dressing. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis Jumper Dress from John Lewis (£75)

This is a look that I'm pretty rubbish at. The off duty jumper dress over leggings and trainers. Actually, that probably means that I should try it because I always love it on others and then just feel a bit of a numpty myself. My friend did a similar look the other day and she looked really cool. I just look like I've forgotten to get dressed properly. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis flow print roll neck top (£39)

Oooh now I really fancy this for when I'm running on a warmish day. The days of me running in cropped tops are long gone. I did it a few years ago in the Great North Run because it was baking. You have honestly never seen Mo Farah looked so shocked in his entire life as I approached him after I went over the finishing line and said "hello" to him. I wondered why he looked so horrified. And then I saw the photos. Mind you, it could also have been the ice pop sticking out the top of my cropped top that had been handed to me en route and which I'd forgotten about. 

Mo need fear no more. The coverage that this top would offer would deal with all of that, whilst offering something a little different from my usual sporting attire. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis drawstring boxy top (£38)

Now this cool top could be worn in all sorts of amazing ways - either for an "athleisure" feel or for something smarter - such as wide legged trousers and trainers or with a pleather pleated midi skirt.

This product also supports "BCI" (Better Cotton Initiative) farmers. These farmers use water efficiently, care for the environment and promote fair and decent work. I think that we are increasingly looking to issues of sustainability and environmental impact when choosing which brands to buy from. I remember listening to Stella McCartney talking on Desert Island discs when I was on a very (long and lonely) run in the summer. What she said made complete sense but I do have difficulty with her prices. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis signature print long length leggings (£45)

Some days I'm in the mood for a full on printed legging, other days I choose to hide behind my plain navy ones. These would definitely be for those braver days but oh boy, when those days arrive, you've just got to embrace them. 

PATTERNITY and John Lewis intarsia knit cardigan (£99)

And this is this a bold geometric pattern at its very best. I love how some people I know would buy this and just wear and wear it wear it with utter joy. The way that it is layered over culottes is just fab (and another look for me to pinch!) There's 5% cashmere in this long cardigan which adds to its softness. 

Quite a few pieces have sold out but there are new pieces which are due to be released mid-season. And if pattern on your person is not your thing, there's an option for pattern in your home instead - which can sometimes be easier. 

 These organic towels which would make a real style statement in a bathroom that needed a lift (varying in price from £8 for a pack of two flannels to £28 for a bath sheet). I love buying new towels. Even if everything else in the bathroom remains the same, they can just really pep up a bathroom up.
Or for a nod to something monochrome and printed for your soap, there's this soap dish (£12)

And I'm not sure about this fab tumbler for your toothbrushes (£12) being only for toothbrushes, I think that it would look great as a pencil holder on a desk, alongside something in rose gold. Yep, that's me sold. 

I think that there might be some bedding coming too and the pieces are such a good price that it would be a shame not to bag something that you like before it goes. I shall be heading to our store as soon as I can (ie as soon as I've done my tax return!!!) for a much closer look of all things PATTERNITY + John Lewis related.