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Monday, 19 March 2018

How do we feel about these? Do they remind you of your student days?

They're like a brain worm that won't go away. Try as I might, I can't stop thinking about them. DM boots. Perhaps the cold weather has frozen my brain, perhaps it's a mid-life crisis. Or perhaps it's just because I genuinely really like them and I can see how they would work with my wardrobe.

We all wore DM shoes at University. Come rain or shine, summer or winter, we all wore DM shoes which we bought from Sheffield market. The only variation was that in the summer we would wear them without socks and everyone over the age of 35 would ask whether they hurt. But they never did. The cost per wear of those shoes over the 3 years was peanuts - and they carried on long after the 3 years were up too. 

Now it's not so much the DM shoes that I'm attracted to because "street" trainers have largely taken their place. No, it's the boots that I really like. Especially the pink, navy or silver. Well I'm nothing if not predictable in my unpredictability. True, they wouldn't go with everything but most skinny/straight/girlfriend/boyfriend jeans would work with them and maxi dresses and skirts too. 

Iced Metallic (£110)

So why now? Maybe it's because I'm looking for something different but which is still wearable. Having not worn DMs since I  hit about 20, they definitely tick that box. But they're still comfortable and practical too. That doesn't mean to say that I will be re-visiting my multi coloured polka dot ra-ra dress from Tammy Girl circa 1983, or my mini kilt, ruffle blouse and white tights combo circa 1985 - but then again I just might.

I'd like to do a post on brands which are hot on environmental and social responsibility issues. Luckily this is something that most new brands take seriously as part of their ethos.  Dr Martens have a really detailed Social Responsibility page on their site covering everything from child labour, to working hours, how they source their leather (they also do a vegan range here), the materials they use in their packaging and the charity work in which they engage. 

So my question is this. Can any of you imagine going down the DM route or are they a big fashion "no-no" as far as you're concerned? I would love to hear what you think. 

From the feedback that I have received, I know that many of you would like to see more outfits posts, so I will try and include a few outfit pictures at the end of each blog post (if the post itself doesn't constitute an outfit post.)

I wore this outfit to an event that I went to on Friday. I thought that people may appreciate the macarons (by the Crow Kitchen) and biscuits (by Juliet Sear) - if nothing else. I know that I did.

Same outfit - different shot. The trousers are from Mango. I wrote about them here, the trainers are from Air & Grace, the blouse is from Mercy Delta and the bag is from neon beach club

OK so this was me being brave in a skirt that I thought that I might return but which I decided to keep. It's from ASOS and is the floral pansy skirt. The trainers are as above and the jumper is an old one from Topshop.

Oooh it was chilly this day. I was lucky enough to be sent a fab sweatshirt from Hari and the gang (£42) which I layered under this Topshop coat and wore with Gap jeans, Topshop boots, an LK Bennett bag and frilly socks (all past season.)

So that's it for now. I'll see you anon and hope that you all have a fabulous week. xxx

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Happy Christmas - The Seven Outfits of Christmas

 Skirt from Hush (£65), Boots Jones (now £120) sequin top & Other Stories (£49 - almost sold out) Earrings Kaaren Buchanan (£68 - gift)

I had such great plans for the blog this week but as you can tell from my absence - none of them came to fruition. However I didn't want Christmas to come and go without wishing you all a very "Happy Christmas." I also wanted to say a huge big "Thank You" for reading and for your support along the way. Style Guile will be going into its 8th year next year and I know that some of you have been with me from the start. Without you all it wouldn't be here - so thank you! Hopefully next year I will be able to make time to blog more (famous last words) so I should get to chat to you all a little more regularly. 

I love Christmas Eve - it's probably my favourite day of the year. But I'm really conscious that for many, Christmas can be a difficult time. A "first" Christmas after anything sad has happened must be upsetting, so I want to let you know that amongst the merriment tomorrow, I shall be taking a moment to reflect and to send out virtual hugs to those who need them.  

As I haven't managed to blog much - OK, at all - I thought that I would do a quick round up of outfits from the week, together with a couple of other shots. After all, Christmas is about friends and family as much as the outfits.

This week, I've managed to get out early most mornings with my running friends. Those times are so precious to us all and we love getting some fresh air, some exercise and having a chat. It really sets us up for the day. This shot was taken on top of a railway bridge near to my home, just as the sun was rising. It was such a beautiful sight and just stopping (phew) and taking a moment to think about the run that I had just had with my wonderful friends was a really special time. 

Last Sunday we went to see my Mum and her sister and that too was such fun. This is a photo of her sideboard, which she had set up for Christmas. I felt that it captured the essence of Christmas when I was young, perfectly. So many people liked this post on Instagram that I have wondered about handing my account over to my Mum. Forget the fashion - it's all about the mince pies, the cake frill and the Quality Street. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and so many people commented and identified with this post. The cake frill in particular had lots of love!

And this was my Mum's coffee table, complete with my Aunt's slippers in shot. You can tell that the children had been at the Pringles.

I seem to have been on my feet a lot this week so it was pretty much flats all the way. Dungarees and a new blouse from one of my favourite brands, Mercy Delta (which they kindly gifted to me) was a really comfortable outfit for a full day of Christmas shopping on Monday.

Our eldest daughter is working in John Lewis at the moment and we spent hours in there, taking every single item to her till just so that we could see her briefly. We also took her for lunch and although she was working, it was a really special day for us all. She loved having us so close. Sometimes people can be horrible to shop staff at Christmas (and some can be lovely) so it broke up her day and although I always chat to shop staff, it acted as a reminder to be super nice to them.

I took our youngest to see Alice in Wonderland earlier on Tuesday and I wore this outfit from Great Plains which I wrote about in my last post. This time however I wore it with trainers from Air & Grace together with a huge scarf from Jaeger which I've had for several years now. It just gave a slightly different twist to things. And I'm still quite traditional when it comes down to what to wear to the theatre/ballet/carol service. It would be wrong to pretend that I had made a huge effort but something other than jeans feels right on those occasions.

On Wednesday I was again in jeans and trainers, which were from Air & Grace. The weather has been so mild that the issue of socks (or lack of them) really hasn't arisen. This coat from Linea at House of Fraser is also perfect for this weather and it adds sharpness to an otherwise very casual and "un-tailored" outfit. Note to self - I must wear some more skirts and dresses.

More sparkles - this time from & Other Stories. And surprise surprise, I'm in (old, Gap) jeans (hence the lack of link) and Adidas trainers -again! On Thursday I had some friends come round for brunch and it was lovely to just sit and chat - particularly as they were my running friends and most of our conversations are interspersed with "Can't talk now, I can talk at the top" or "Ooh this really hurts today" or, as in the case of this morning "I thought that somehow running on Christmas Eve would be easy." Why? Who in their right mind would actually think that, let alone voice it?! (Well apart from me.)

And on Friday I was in....yup, jeans and trainers! These jeans were from Whistles a while ago now and are generally on the tight side, so the fact that I managed to get them on and keep them on all day was a result. I don't know why I decided to do double denim but I like this shirt from Zara and I haven't worn it for a while - so it kind of seemed like a good idea at the time.

We had 9 for dinner that night so there was lots of running around to do, hence the trainers. As we're going away on Boxing Day we had to start our Christmas food celebrations early, so as not to have any left overs. So, our Christmas pudding has already been eaten and the trifle already made and eaten too. I should have photographed it - the cut glass trifle bowl is from my Mum and it's a beauty. I figured that the trifle didn't quite look the same after the first portion had been served.

And look! I'm not wearing trainers! Although I am wearing jeans (Mango from nearly a year ago) and a sparkly top (again) - this time the Great Plains Suraya top (again limited in size). This is clearly not a place to come for outfit inspiration - unless you like jeans, a sparkly top and a splash of colour in accessories.

And then here we are at today and I'm wearing the first outfit. To set the scene, the children and their friends are watching Harry Potter and the Snowman will be on soon, which I love. The tree lights are on, the table is almost set for tomorrow and shortly we're off to Pizza Express before coming home when I will read "The night before Christmas" to the "children". On Boxing Day we're heading for some sun so next time I appear on here, it may well be in a bikini. And if that's not an incentive to keep off the mince pies then I don't know what is. Well, apart from turning a blind eye and breathing in, which is what I will probably do in reality.

I hope that you all have a truly special Christmas. Do come over and follow me on Instagram if you would like to see what I am up to - you can find me here And if anyone is feeling a little blue or in need of a chat, please do just drop me a line anytime. See you on the other side!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Little Black Dress of Dreams from LK Bennett

Salena black dress LK Bennett (£325)

Last week I was lucky enough to be holding an event in the LK Bennett store in Birmingham and so, for one night only, I got to wear the most beautiful little black dress. 

There are so many gorgeous dresses in LK Bennett at the moment that they really deserve a post of their own. From fabulous dresses in the collaboration with Preen, to floral midi dresses, velvet knee length dresses and leopard print dresses, LK Bennett is definitely very strong in its "dress game" this season.

But for now I'm just going to tell you why this Salena dress is such a gem. First, it has a great length to it, so there's no issue as to whether it feels too short or not. Secondly, the volume in the skirt is really flattering for pear shaped figures as it just skims so beautifully. The lace detailing around the shoulders and neckline does a great job of drawing the eye upwards - a fantastic styling trick if ever there was one. And one of the best things is that the lace detailing around the waist is quite high, meaning that it falls on a narrow part of the torso plus it gives the illusion of legs going on forever. This is just one of those dresses that feels really elegant and glamourous when you're wearing it.

If you do happen to be on the hunt for a dress for the festive season, or just because you fancy a new frock, I would definitely suggest heading over to LK Bennett for a look. Traditionally I think that it's fair to say that they had more of a formal/corporate/fitted Kate Middleton (in a good way) look about them but they are definitely rocking some cooler frocks this winter.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Cross Body Bags - the gem of a handbag collection

Since I went to Bicester a few weeks ago and bought an LK Mariel cross body bag, I've barely taken it off....

The thing that really works about this bag is that it has two compartments to it, which means that it's big enough for a purse, credit card holder, keys, lipstick, phone AND some spare plastic bags for my bits and bobs. And that's all it needs to be capable of carrying, making it perfect. Oh and of course having two hands free and not having to keep hoiking your bag onto your shoulder is also a real bonus.

This is this season Mariel bag from LK Bennett (£175), which comes in animal print, black studded, grey, red, black, oxblood and there's a sunshine yellow one for £77.

Another of my favourites is the Fifi bag from Hush (£99), which comes in grey and black. It's width from front to back is substantial so although it doesn't have the two separate compartments, it can still hold plenty. And (predictably) I love the star.

The Wren cross body bag from Jigsaw (£99) comes in navy, black, Nordic orange and wine. It's a real gem and again has the two separate compartments gig going on. I like the idea of a small bag - it's chic and elegant and makes it look as though I have my schizzle together. Plus I can't gather too much rubbish in a small bag so it makes me keep on top of my receipt/tissue/chocolate wrapper game. Is that possibly one of the best (or worst) excuses ever for a purchase?!

The Esme camera bag from Mint Velvet (£109) also made it onto my list. Obviously the Gucci one would too, but for it's price tag - but this would do nicely instead. I love the studded tassel which is just a little bit rock chick. But of course it would be easy enough to find a tassel and put it on a similar bag to create the same look. 

For a relatively inexpensive option, there's the M&S faux leather cross body bag (£29.50). I love the mixture of navy and black with the silver hardware and it's a great place to start for anyone who feels that a more streamlined bag maybe a little too "studio flat" for them, rather than their usual mansion style bag. 

And of course we might expect Boden to be in on the act, which they are with this Lyon cross body bag (Boden £77 to £110). The great thing is that it is available in five colours, so there should be something for everyone. 

Oh and just by way of an update, thank you so much to everyone for your marathon good luck wishes and also for responding to my last post. I will get back to you soon, I promise! I came in with a respectable (but not fantastic) time of 4:10. The first 19/20 miles were great and I loved them but the last 6/7 weren't a particularly pleasant experience. It wasn't that I hit the wall, or that I hadn't hydrated well enough, or that I was in pain. It's just a flipping long way, my music was a bit rubbish by then, there weren't that many people and I'd had enough. Plus it was a really hilly course. And whoever thought that it was a good idea to put in a steep hill at mile 25 was an absolute numpty. I'm three toe nails down with a slightly sore hip (which didn't start until about Wednesday) but oddly my back and my slightly sore hamstring stood the test and feel much better for it. Isn't the body a weird thing?! So thank you again - and to my lovely friends and family plus anyone else who came out to support - it makes such a difference, especially when you've resorted to counting the white lines down the middle of the road to make sure that you keep putting one foot in front of the other! 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I know the, really, I do! Sparkles galore!

No. Really, I do know the Queen. Or at least I know two people who look very much like the Queen. My Mum and her sister that is. Only the other day someone kept looking at my Mum in the Post Office queue and finally they asked her if she was the Queen. Obviously the Queen often queues in Breaston post office. And when my Aunt responds that she's not the Queen, people ask her if she's sure.

But anyway, yet again I have digressed because for those who haven't come across  I Know The Queen it first started in 2012. It is a luxury accessories brand with "an eye for experimental designs and fun".  In fact as they say on their site "the more ridiculous the idea the more we love it."

Amongst the many lovely things that they sell (more about those below) is the Gold lightening bolt glitter sticker £7, which I stuck onto an LK Bennett floral print bag that I bought from Bicester last week. In fact, if you look closely, I think that I put it on upside down - which I figured was highly likely as I was doing it. Sometimes being left handed makes me see things differently.  But I've switched it round now so all is well. Stickers are a great way of personalising new things, or giving a new lease of life to older pieces. And lightening bolts - well they're just taking over the world right now aren't they? 

Here are some of the fabulous glitter bags that they make at I know the Queen....

This shark glitter bag (£69) has to be one of the best bags I've ever seen. You've got to love a bit of jaws! I remember watching it for the first time. In fact who doesn't remember watching Jaws for the first time?

Or how about a personalised cross body glitter bag (£69). Would this not make the best gift ever - possibly to yourself?

Or how about the stars cross body glitter bag (£69)? This is an absolute beaut! I love the size of it, the sparkle, the stars - everything is just spot on.

Gold lightening bolt glitter sticker £7 (not quite right but it's all sorted now)

The full range of stickers includes letter, stars, red lips, hearts, hashtags and dollar signs and you can find them all here. 

There are some fab pieces on the I know the Queen website so if you've got a few minutes and if you're into sparkles, this could be a good place to spend those minutes.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A few dress gems from LK Bennett

It's a while since I've taken a good look around LK Bennett as our store isn't in the City Centre. However I was in the Mailbox today having my haircut, and where LK Bennett happens to be, so I thought that I would go for a little look around.

Apologies for the selfie - really I should have asked one of the girls in the shop to take a photo for me but I always feel a bit self conscious having my photo taken - unless it's one of the children doing it and then it's just my way of annoying them - so then I don't mind.

This is the Dakota Animal Print Dress (£225) which was really lovely to wear. This dress is a great style in so far as it has sleeves, it falls at a good length, the print is fresh and modern and the best bit?.....

.....the waist ties, which can be done up as tightly as you like - or not at all, which is great for those days when you're feeling less than svelte or for when you fancy ringing the changes with the style. 

I love the neutral print too which is just so easy to wear and, as each year, leopard style prints are huge so it's not going to date. The sleeves also have a little nod to the 70s so they're not going to date either. I love it with boots but it would be great with caged heels or with smarter shoes for work. Or you know me....with trainers too.

The Celeste blue leopard dress from LK Bennett (£250) is also a real gem. I'm like my Mum and I don't like collars on dresses so much but I love them on other people. And for the right dress I can always be persuaded!

And although the Roe black printed silk dress LK Bennett (£425) is not really your every day dress price wise, the reviews are really good and for a special occasion, or if you're deserving of a treat (aren't we all, always?!) or if you know that you're going to wear it to death, this could be worth taking a closer look at. 

I think that there may well be a discount voucher lurking somewhere so let's see what we can find shall we? And if you haven't had a chance to suss out the new season at LK Bennett yet, now may well be a good time to take a look, especially if you feel in need of a snazzy new dress.  

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Warehouse midi printed dress...

Tonight I nipped out to a party to celebrate 50 issues, and 10 years, of "Style Birmingham" Magazine. And the great thing about a party? It's a fab chance to rock a new frock. I'm wearing the ink rose midi dress from Warehouse (£59) and LK Bennett zebra print shoes - plus a neon glow.

For a brighter take on the dress, see below....

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The 12 outfits of Christmas day 2 - Girls' night out

[Outfit: H&M skirt, Whistles jumper, Liberty bag, LK Bennett shoes, Whistles cuff]

So today's outfit is one that I wore a couple of weeks ago now. It's just as well that I had one or two outfits up my sleeve as I twisted my ankle last night whilst running and I'm a heel free zone for now!

For anyone interested, these were my thoughts when putting this outfit together, although before we get there I think that it's worth noting that I'm generally happiest in about 55 layers, flat shoes or trainers and trousers - but I accept that's not a good look all the time. Even when I up my game during the daytime I still need warm tights and not too high shoes so for a night out it's good for me to see what else I can get away with. 

So back to my thoughts, this was the process which meant that I ended up where I did: Yep, heels are good as I won't be walking too far. As I'll be inside all evening it will be fairly warm which means I can go without tights, which also means that I can wear open toed shoes but if I lose any more clothes I'll a) be cold b) most probably asked to leave so I'll wear a lightweight knit. Equally if I wear anything short with the no tights/open toed shoes I'll look like a bit slutty/muttony so I'll wear a midi length skirt, which, being fairly demure, means that I can get away with a slightly less demure shoe. 

So that's how it came to be that the H&M skirt and the LK Bennett shoes got an outing. I had bought the cropped sparkly turtleneck from Whistles (£75 although I bought it with a 30% discount) a few days before as I've got a few things that needed a shorter knit to go with them.

Moving on to today's gift, I've looked over this Cath Kidston  purse trio (£20) on more than one occasion and I think that it/they are lovely. They're brighter in real life and just so handy to have. They're big enough to use as a bag (well that is unless you're still in that nappy stage) rather than just a purse. I have several that I take on holiday in the summer and they're nice to have when going down to dinner, or just by the pool when not too much is required. Failing that, they're easy to find at the bottom of a dark handbag!

Warehouse has this flat wrist clutch (£8) which is in a beautiful colour - great against black, grey or navy and good for those people who (if any of them do exist) perhaps don't like sparkle - perish the thought.  

Hope that everyone's Christmas preparations are going to plan. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Style Guile Super Sale starts!

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday! This is what I have been up to for the past couple of days - washing, ironing, snipping any loose threads, using my sticky roller and making everything ready for the Style Guile Super Sale, where I'm offering for sale some of my favourite pieces - many of which have appeared on the blog. 
So, unless anyone has a better idea, this is how I plan on running things:
  • If you see something that you like, drop me an email at with the name of the piece of clothing that you like in the email header;
  • I will respond (quite probably on Monday or Tuesday) with an email providing the details of my bank account, together with the postage costs;
  • The clothes will be sent out when the pennies have arrived;
  • I will aim to send the parcels no more than 3 days after receiving the pennies;
  • Goods will be sold on a first come first served basis and will be non-returnable;
  • I would love to wrap everything in tissue paper and make it look pretty but I probably won't have time!  
  • I've tried hard to provide good photos and to ensure that everything is cleaned and well ironed (although I must admit that I haven't had everything dry cleaned) but if I have failed in this regard, it's really not intentional! 
  • All items will be sent second class;
  • Postage for items that can be sent as a large letter ie blouses, tops will be £2;
  • Postage for items that can be sent as a small parcel ie jeans, knitwear etc up to 1kg will be £3 and up to 2kg, £4
  • Postage for items to be sent as a medium parcel will be charged according to Royal Mail second class postal charges (between £5.20 and £28.55!)
* If for any reason I have got the postal costs around my neck (not due to too much fizz you understand. Hic!) then I reserve the right to charge the amount that the Post Office charges me!
So, here goes!
One item at £25

LK Bennett burgundy patent shoes, size 38.5 (basically a slightly generous size 5). Brand new, bought for client - original price £115.

One item at £20

LK Bennett ivory cross over 100% silk shirt, size 10 - brand new. £35 in LK Bennett sale. Slight mark on hem at back.

All of the items below are £15

Navy and metallic Oasis swing style jacket, size 8, never worn. Dry clean only. Great for work over dress, with a pencil skirt, or with jeans.

Navy and white 100% cotton, 50's style Dickens and Jones jacket, size 8, machine washable - worn no more than  a couple of times.

All Saints dress size 8 - worn once, good with tanned legs or over leggings.

Jigsaw knee length shift dress size 8. Contains 59% wool but is machine washable at 30 degrees. Hardly worn, great for work.

 Jigsaw knee length printed 100% silk dress, size 8 - dry clean only.

The pieces below are all priced at £10 (well, until you reach the £7.50 category!)

Hush loose knit jumper, XS (but it's very roomy!) Worn a couple of times. Machine washable.

Whistles sequinned top, 100% silk, size 8, dry clean only. Worn once.

Ted Baker floral printed top, size 1 - worn a couple of times. Machine washable. Really pretty colours in this print and it nips in nicely at the waist.

NEXT knee length denim dress, size 8. Worn a couple of times (label now removed as the dress has been washed and ironed.)

Whistles utility trousers with zip detail, size 8. Much prettier blue/green than is shown in the picture.

The pieces below are priced at £7.50, well until you reach the £5 category!

Topshop spotted trousers, 7/8th length, size 10 (not a hugely generous 10 though) machine washable. As worn in a blogging feature in Easy Living Magazine!

Hush ankle length trousers (or slightly above depending on height!) 97% cotton, 3% elastane, size small, which in this style equates to more of a 6/8 rather than an 8/10.

Boden wool mix jumper, size 8, machine washable - good length so good with jeans/skirts etc.

Boden black wool jumper, wool mix, size 8 (same style as above) machine washable.

LK Bennett embellished purple bolero - XS, machine washable - good length to wear with dresses

Gerard Darel 100% silk blue and white printed blouse with belt (can be worn with or without) - size 36; generous size 8. Washes and irons beautifully. Small button missing from one cuff.

Jigsaw silk, modal and cotton top with bow detail, size S. Very forgiving style!

Zara cocoon style top, size small. Lovely with skinny jeans or trousers. Worn once or twice.

Coast printed dress, just above the knee, size 8 (more of a 6/8 I would say). Nice silky fabric, easy to wear.

Jigsaw cropped mohair and nylon black and navy printed jumper, size 8, handwash. Brilliant for layering!

Zara navy and black "fur" sweatshirt style top, size S.

Ted Baker silk backed cardi, size 1. Washing instructions say dry clean only but it's fine on a hand wash cycle in the machine. Slight hole under arm which needs a stitch but this is more to manufacturing process, than wear.

GAP burgundy and camel striped long line 100% cashmere jumper, size XS (size 6 for this) - small hole on lower back. It says dry clean only but I've just washed it, as I do all cashmere, and it's fine. £80 new.

Oasis wool mix dress with laser cut hem detail, size 8, dry clean only.

Zara slim (but not tight, more of a tailored fit) black leopard print trousers, UK 8, wash at 30 degrees. Definitely appeared on the blog when I had a party at home one Christmas!

Topshop navy peg style trousers, size 8.  Pockets trimmed with "leather". Good with either flats or heels.

Coast 100% silk, vest style top with racer back, size S. There are poppers inside on the strap so that a bra strap can be worn without showing. Lovely under a blazer for a night out.

Kew navy boyfriend style cardigan with silver stripe worked through it (94% merino wool, polyester and metallic), size S. Never worn.

Hobbs NW3 purple V-neck wool jumper, cotton, silk and wool, size 6 (but a generous 6). Works well with a higher rise trouser or jean.

Cos fitted cardigan, size small, little frill on the shoulder. Worn only a couple of times.

Zara cream lace top, size S. So pretty and it goes with everything!

Kew navy marl (almost dark denim looking) open fronted cardi, size S never worn.

All of the items below are priced at £5

GAP printed trousers, UK size 8, so most shop's equivalent of a size 10. Wished they loved me like I love them! Able to be washed and ironed.

Mango navy 100% cotton skirt - above the knee (on me at least). Really comfortable and great with a denim shirt or with a smarter top and heels. Size medium but it fits me so it's more like a small!

Ted Baker navy silky (100% lyocell) top, size 1. Looks much better with a body in it!!

"Pure" cashmere navy tank style knit - size 8, quite fitted. Only worn a couple of times. The top picture is a more accurate reflection of the colour.

Hobbs red bolero style top, size 8 - lovely over work dresses. (There's also a cerise one but it's not shown here. Very similar style.)

GAP cobalt blue relaxed style knit, XS. Looser shape, great with skinny jeans or trousers.

Kingfisher blue 100% silk H&M shirt, machine washable. Worn only a few times but I noticed when ironing it that it's a little thin in places - still has plenty of life left in it though.

Kew 100% linen tunic style top, size S - great on the beach. Comes to top of thigh.

Topshop sequinned double layered top, size 6 - one of my favourites, ever!

Zara pale pink and duck egg blue printed shirt with gold skull buttons, size S.

Monsoon Fusion pink lace top, size 8. Love the colour of this top!

Boden pink fitted t-shirt (not too tight) size 8.

Zara grey poncho/cape style top, size S. Great for the cooler mornings. Worn only a couple of times.

GAP sleeveless cardi, cotton, silk and modal, size XS cost £14.99 in the sale, never worn.

M&S beach cover up, size 8, 100% cotton brand new.

NEXT pale blue chino style trousers, size 8, 100% cotton, worn only a couple of times.

GAP  chino style khaki coloured trousers, 100% cotton, size 8 - again only worn a couple of times.

GAP true straight jeans in a 26/32 - worn in but not worn out!

COS 100% navy cotton top with Peter Pan style collar, size 36.


GAP very fine, soft, cord legging jeans - quite bright blue, 26/32

Grey/lilac GAP top with slight cross over and ruching down one side, size XS but it's not desperately fitted. Nice with a white shirt layered underneath.

Zara silver sparkly shoes, size 5 - but a generous 5!

There are one or two extra pieces which I still need to iron and photograph but I thought that I would get these posted before the bank holiday weekend, so that everyone has a chance to take a good look at them. Have a fabulous break!