Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A current lust have - thanks to Ted Baker!

I think it's fair to say that as the colder weather approaches, I become slightly obsessed with knitwear. I'm a four layer kind of girl from September onwards. The layers take the form of:
 a vest;
a cotton long sleeved top;
a light knit;
a jacket, coat, or a chunky cardi.
This jumper, which I fell in love with today at Ted Baker would be perfect for the third, or "light knit" layer. I like that layer to have something interesting about it - whether it be its colour, the fact that it is striped, printed, has a sequin detail, or an interesting neckline. Chances are that some of it will be on display, either when you take your coat or jacket off, or when it peeps through the front of an open chunky cardi.
This jumper appealed to me for a number of reasons:
First, it has neon pink on it (always a bonus in my book);
It has grey on it which is a good wardrobe staple colour, which also goes well with the neon pink;
The colours remind me of angel cake, a version of neopolitan ice cream and battenburg cake (though you can keep the battenburg because I don't like marzipan) all of which remind me of the summer and WARM weather.

Will it be coming to a wardrobe near me anytime soon? Probably not because at £99 it's more than I feel that I could/should/ought to pay for a jumper but it's one to keep my eye on for later in the season when the sales are around. I  like having a few of those little numbers up my sleeve which I can track like a stockbroker tracks the market. When the time is right I will sell....or buy.