Monday, 13 October 2014

A chance to win a £1000 Jigsaw voucher with their #styleandtruth campaign

Jigsaw's latest campaign is all about celebrating fashion and they've asked people to help spread the word. As there's the potential for one of you out there to win £1000 to spend at Jigsaw, hopefully you will all think that this is a good idea!

Jigsaw are trying to build a picture of what style looks like in the UK. It’s about women coming together to show off their sense of style, be it bold and alternative or classic and demure, rather than pushing trends.
By sharing your look with the #StyleandTruth the image gets pulled into the Jigsaw style gallery and there's a chance to win £1000 to spend at Jigsaw.
You can check out the gallery and submit a look at style & truth and you can learn more about the concept and the campaign here - which I personally like because it's just that little bit different. Good luck - I'd really love one of you to win it!