Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Doing the dosey doe in my dungarees! Do drop by for a laugh!

Tuesday can be a tricky day of the week. It's a bit of a no-man's land type of day. It's far enough away from the last weekend to have forgotten how good the weekend may have been and not close enough to the next weekend to look forward to. So, I feel that it is my duty to provide a little bit of Tuesday hilarity and the way I've done this is by dressing up as a four year old.

I came to have these H&M (£29.99) super stretch dungarees in my possession as I picked them up for a friend and I thought that I would give you all a laugh in the process.

These "ultra slim leg" style dungarees are a size 10 and they really do need to be super stretch because I can safely say that the super stretch is nearly at breaking point! I love dungarees and have had several pairs - albeit between the ages of about 4 and 22. But given that I am now double the age when I last wore them, I'm thinking that they are probably best left last seen in my University photos.
Having said that I'm not knocking dungarees as a trend. Anything that's denim and comfortable gets my vote and I've seen some great ones in Next (£35). This style from New Look are currently out of stock, which may be testament to how great they are....

For those who are about to tell me that I look a complete plonky head believe me, that is something that I know already!!!