Sunday, 28 June 2015

The & Other Stories pom pom dress and let's ponder ugly shoes...

I bought this pom pom trim dress from & Other Stories (£55) quite a few weeks ago now but saved it for our trip to the US. Having worn it on a baking hot day, and shorts on another, I realised how cooling the dress was compared to the shorts - it must be down to the air circulation! I think that this was the day that we also did the tour of the UN, for which we had to dress appropriately, so the midi length worked well.

The whole foot bed shoe trend suits me down to the ground and I wore these Aldo shoes a huge amount.  From what I've read this trend is here to stay and it's likely to get even more ugly. Apparently really ugly shoes make the rest of one's outfit look even more chic. Or, I wonder, do they just focus the attention on the ugly shoes so that no matter how chic the rest of the outfit, no-one notices because it's totally overwhelmed by the ugliness of the shoes? Now that's one to ponder for a Sunday night!


  1. It's a great dress isn't it? I have last years version in black but the midi length and the general styling is very similar - it's so comfy so perfect for sight seeing! And the pockets! Who doesn't love a dress with pockets?

  2. I have the black Pom Pom dress (which I love but no-one else in the family does...) but I couldn't get on with the cream one - it is quite see through - & you can see the pocket linings through the fabric too! How did you get round this? Great style though - my fave buy of the season.


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