Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sharing my favourite bra and in my new vlog I show you what to look out for when fitting a bra yourself.

Bras can be tricky devils can't they? As part of my styling course nearly six years ago now, we were taken to Selfridges in London to be fitted with a bra and you know, there wasn't a single bra in there that fitted me. Although what I had been left with after having breast fed three children was pretty horrific, I'm not sure that the staff had to convey their horror to me too.

Somehow, and I can't remember how, I was pointed in the direction of the Calvin Klein Customised Lift bra and then all was well with the world. I haven't looked back since - well apart from once when I was invited to go to Rigby & Peller who fitted me with a Marie Jo bra but at £70 a go, they weren't really a runner on a grand scale.

So what is it that works so well about this bra, when all others failed?

  • The smooth cups mean that there are nice lines under your clothes. But that's the easy bit. They're pretty easy to find;
  • There's a small amount of padding at the base of each cup on the inside, which gives the necessary uplift, without being too much;
  • The wiring is really comfortable. I've never had a problem with it digging in;
  • Delicately put, the shape of the cups just means that this bra succeeds where others, which are quite possibly designed for a slightly (ahem) younger, fuller bust, don't! 

The Calvin Klein Customised Lift Bra is available from Figleaves (£35). Interestingly out of the 24 reviews, only 2 were slightly meh. One because the person didn't like the colour and one because the fit didn't suit.  They are also stocked at John Lewis (£35) and House of Fraser (£35) has a great selection, with quite a few styles in the sale.

Lots of women find fitting bras quite a tricky business, more often than not buying a bra which is too big around the rib cage and too small in the cup, which can end up being uncomfortable and unflattering. So, to help when you're out and about, in my latest vlog I show you what to look out for when fitting a bra yourself. I hope that my tips are practical and useful in your future bra buying expeditions!