Saturday, 9 April 2016

Renovations update....

So I know it's been a while but I thought that I would give you all a bit of a renovations update. Sorry for those who aren't remotely interested in these things but if you're anything like me - a fan of Grand Designs, or Ugly House to Lovely House, then you might just like to take a peek.

This is how the house looked before we started...

It's looking rather naked at the moment - but I'm not sure that it suits it!

It's fair to say that the back of the house is pretty much ripped to pieces. Although thinking about it the front isn't much better, what with the portaloo and skip on the drive. The portaloo is a very nice shade of turquoise though.

The gap on the left is the back of the kitchen, the gap on the right was a playroom/study but they have been knocked through.

The steels have gone in and it's also possible to see the perimeter of the new room. The roof will be going on this week. Yippeee.

This is from the back of the right hand gap, looking out.

And this is looking through now that the adjoining wall has been knocked down. The floors have also been levelled and the concrete has now been poured, ready for the under floor heating.

A view from above...

And one of the best bits of all? Let me introduce you to the new utility room. Doesn't it look amazing? Well no of course it doesn't but hopefully it will do in a few weeks. The false wall at the end of it is the back of the kitchen where it's been partitioned off. I can't wait for it to come down. At the moment I can't quite imagine how it will be when it's all opened up. 

And this is the wallpaper that I've chosen to go in the utility room behind a glass splash back. I don't know why but I've just fallen in love with it...

Nordic houses wallpaper from John Lewis (£19). I mean, it's not as though there are 101 big decisions to be made so what do I do? Go and choose some wallpaper. Nice one.