Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sssshhhh don't tell anyone...

But I bought a new coat today. I had decided, in amongst my wardrobe musings (a post about which I started but which I have abandoned for now because it's going to take me too long) that  a "sharper" coat would be a good addition to my wardrobe. A longer coat, that would make a statement and do a good job of smartening up my go-to outfit of trousers (of some description) and a jumper (of some description) that I live in during the winter.

This coat first caught my eye in Topshop last week but we were on a mission to find the eldest a party dress for her 18th birthday so there was no time to stop. But then when I was back in town today it again caught my eye so I tried it on and really liked it.

In an ideal world I had decided that I could do with a couple of smarter coats - maybe one grey and one navy. I was going to trawl the end of the sales to see if I could find one, or buy one a year for the next couple of years. But this ticks the grey box and the navy box, with some lilac and yellow thrown in just for good measure.

I think that this is one of those marmite type of coats. Or one that people would steer clear of because they may think that it wouldn't go with everything. But I always think that if whatever is poking out from underneath your coat is - as mine tends to be in the winter - grey or navy, then on the whole most winter coats will work with anything and everything.

As I work in fashion, I sometimes wonder to what extent what is going on around me influences what I choose to wear. I also wonder what I (or any of us) would choose to wear, if left entirely to our own devices and if we weren't exposed to the likes of magazines, shows, press days, Instagram, blogs, photoshoots etc . I'm sure that, if left to my own volition, this coat would feature in my wardrobe and I haven't seen anyone wearing it yet. But then again maybe there's a reason for that!

N.B. I'm waiting for mine to arrive as they didn't have my size in store. I tried a 10 which was huge so I' hoping that the 8 will be OK, although as it comes in a 4 and a 6, maybe the 8 will be a bit roomy. Needless to say both the sleeves and the length were longer on me than on the model.