Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Velvet shoes - comfortable and chic!

I'm all for comfortable shoes. Gone are the days when I'm prepared to tolerate any kind of discomfort in the shoe department - although to be honest I'm not sure that I ever was. Maybe shoes just hurt more these days. But what I have discovered (huge drum roll please) is that velvet shoes are the best. They're soft, they come in all styles, velvet is a great - albeit not terribly hard wearing - fabric and what's more, they're often quite reasonably priced.

I think where velvet shoes really come into their own is for a night out. Heels and leather can sometimes be a terrible combination. Heels and velvet however, well that's a whole new ball (of the foot) game.

And of course instead of writing completely about velvet shoes, I'm going to start with a pair of leather ones. I love these. I keep looking at them. Backless loafers with pom poms and tassels? Craziness in a pair of flat shoes.

Mango leather shoes £49.99

And speaking of craziness in a pair of shoes (but this time velvet ones) - finally I'm getting back on point - these are on their way to me as I type. Pink, with a lobster on one shoe (anyone remember the whole "Friends" lobster thing of the 90's? We have a house full of lobster stuff) so what better reason to buy lobster shoes?

Mango velvet loafers (lobster shoes!) £59.99

And for something else flat, gorgeous and comfortable, take a look at these slip on loafers. Great colour and a good all rounder for now and into the summer.

Next grey slip on loafers (£28)

And then the heels! Let's talk about the heels. These are so gorgeous. They're a beautiful pink colour and the adornment is pretty. Perfect Cinderella shoes for a great pri(n)ce.

River Island pink velvet buckle court shoe (£45)

And I can vouch for the comfort of these because I have a pair. If I'm going to wear a pair of heels, they are likely to be these.

River Island  leopard print court (£35)

Whilst I get that none of these may appeal just bear velvet in mind as a shoe option. Velvet is for all year round - not just for Christmas!

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