Sunday, 16 April 2017

The perfect Baukjen boyfriend jeans....

I should just qualify the assertion that these are the "perfect" boyfriend jeans, because of course we  all come different shapes and sizes. Some of us go in more at the waist than others, others of us have curvier hips, or slimmer , or longer, or shorter legs. BUT in so far as I have tried on lots of pairs of boyfriend jeans over the years, these are without a doubt, the best fit. Oh and the eagle eyed amongst you will notice that I am wearing the flowy shirt from Mango (£19.99) that I wrote about yesterday. I'm a bit like that when I get something new - I wear it with everything so as to bed it in and to see how it will work with my other bits and bobs in my wardrobe. 

Shirt: Mango, Jeans: Baukjen, Shoes Aldo (previous season); Bag Reiss (previous season)

These boyfriend jean from Baukjen (£99) come in five colours with these, which are off white, the washed indigo and the black wash, being 97% cotton and 3% elastane. The soft blue and soft pink have a slightly different composition of 98% cotton and 2% elastane - which if you're a jeans expert is all highly relevant. And because the soft blue and soft pink have less elastane in them, it is recommended to go up a size in these two shades.

I like the versatility of boyfriend jeans. I love them for a night out with heels and a blazer - and here I've gone for more of a monochrome look but equally they are great in the day time with a slogan T and a biker jacket, or with the whole neon/tassel/pom pom look that I love for the summer.

Shirt: Mango, Jeans: Baukjen, Shoes Aldo (previous season); Bag Reiss (previous season)

In terms of sizing, I'm wearing the 25" which is equivalent to an 8 and I could possibly go down to the 23" which would be a 6 - but I think that they would then lose their "slouch" which is the great thing about them. Lots of boyfriend jeans just don't have that element of slouch and tapering which is so crucial to the boyfriend fit. And when supposed boyfriend jeans just look like skinny ones when you try them on, it's beyond demoralising.

I like that these come in so many different colours too. Lighter colours aren't practical for everyone's lifestyle and also the darker ones may be more flattering for some, so at least there's that element of choice. And whilst generally I'm not one for more expensive jeans (£40 or less is normally my price bracket) I always say to my clients that if you're someone who wears jeans a lot, and if you're looking for the perfect shape (whatever that shape may be), it's better to pay that bit more to secure the right ones.

All I can say is if the idea appeals, give them a whirl. Delivery is currently free for orders over £59 and returns from some Collect + shops are free, subject to parcel dimensions and weight. Have fun!