Monday 23 October 2017

Travelling Bazaar - Hygge in a boutique

I think that Hygge may well be one of the most over used words in the English, or Danish, language but this beautiful boutique really does bring about those feelings of well-being, cosiness, comfort and simplicity. It's like stepping through the door and leaving the world behind....

With Karen, from Travelling Bazaar, at the end of a very busy evening. 

Travelling Bazaar is a gorgeous boutique owned by Karen and Nicky. It is situated in Farnham, Surrey and behind its tiny doorway lies a beautiful shopping and lifestyle experience with a collection of pieces curated from Scandinavia, Japan and Southern Europe. Karen and Nicky offer their loyal clients, and new ladies alike, a warm welcome and a chance to browse and try on pieces from fabulous brands such as Aigle, Ilse Jacobsen, Sorel, Second Female and Munthe.

A few weeks ago now I was invited by Nicky and Karen to host an in-store event. Earlier in the afternoon I edited the collection, creating a number of outfits for an imaginary Winter weekend away in Norway. There was an outfit for travelling in, one for a trip to a Norwegian Market, an outfit for brunch, one for dinner out and another for a Wintery walk.

The evening started off with cocktails, followed by shopping, my presentation and then further shopping. The boutique was buzzing with lots of ladies having fun and chatting. And I got to play shop assistant for the night - as well as stylist - something that I've always loved!

I just adore these boots. The colour is fabulous! For me the boutique is best described as every day luxury - it's about country living, walking the dog, watching the kids play rugby, dashing here there and everywhere in stylish wellies, cool trainers, a gorgeous jumper, an edgy piece of jewellery, all whilst keeping warm and dry.

I love the colours and clean lines of this rail, which is so typical of the boutique. Chunky and fine knit jumpers with pretty tops shot with gold fill the rails, alongside checked shirts and puffa jackets for the everyday.

Not surprisingly, I was a fan of the silver metallic pleated skirt...

And the Woden trainers, which come in a variety of different prints, are great for adding some interest and texture to a winter outfit. The style of them is a little more "1980s Reebok" than some of the Adidas tennis style trainers which are around at the moment, meaning that they will hold a particular appeal to some.

I love the styling of the store, from the simple clean lines of the Scandi aesthetic above....(I'd love to display my own clothes like this....ermmm, not likely!) the slightly more layered, textured approach, below.

And the great thing is that Nicky and Karen will be bringing along a carefully selected edit of their gorgeous boutique to the next pop up that I'm holding at home on Friday 24th November (details to follow soon) so if you're not able to get to Farnham, please do come to Birmingham for the best of the rest!