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Sunday, 11 March 2018

The only heels that you will ever need....

Belted utility jacket with lace detail GAP (£64.95*) | Gold acid pony hair belt Bricks & Stitches (£36) | silk blouse old but similar here from French Connection (£69) | Jeans Mango previous season but similar here from Hush (£79) 

I can guarantee that every time I wear these leopard print heels from River Island (which are sadly no longer available), people will ask me where they're from. In fact, as I was putting this post together, someone messaged me on Instagram to ask me that very question.

So a few weeks ago it got me thinking that it was about time that I put a blog post together on where to find the best leopard print courts. Having done the ground work, I can confirm that there aren't that many leopard courts around. My searches at Clarks, Selfridges, House of Fraser. Next, M&S, Hush, Hobbs, Jigsaw, Other Stories, New Look, Zara, Warehouse, Oasis and Topshop lay testament to that. 
There are plenty of flats, trainers, block heels and sandals - and if anyone requests me to do so, I'll do a post on those too. But for now I wanted to keep it to a classic style, leopard print court shoe. 

These are, for now, the best three options:

Boden  courts (£110)

My first thoughts on these were that they looked a bit fussy but the "wiggle" is a really nice look when on the foot. The reviews as far as comfort goes are really good. The heel doesn't appear to be too high and people say that they have worn them all day without any problems. Someone commented that they were cut quite low at the front and someone else found them uncomfortable because they had a bunion but other than that (and one issue relating to quality control) the reviews were really positive.  

How to style them? 

We all know that leopard is the new neutral. Think of it as you would plain black shoes. Chances are that there will be a whole lot of leg, or black trousers, or denim (for example!) above them, so even if you've got print or pattern or other colours going on elsewhere in your outfit, it really doesn't matter as it's broken up. And if not? Even better! 

I style mine with everything from jeans, as above, to my gold pleated skirt, black coated skinnies, navy wide leg culottes, silky joggers and side stripe pants - anything and everything really - which is what makes them the only heels that you will ever need. 

Leopard print mid heel courts Dune (£70)

This Dune style is a fabulous one. No doubt many of you are familiar with it as it comes in lots of different colours - fifteen to be precise. The shoes have five star reviews so I think that's a pretty good indication as to their comfort and design. These shoes are described as a "mid heel" and also come in a wide fit. To be fair, I think that these would be my starting point if I was on the hunt for some now. 

Karen Millen leopard heels (£145)

With a 9.5cm heel, these shoes have an extra 1cm to their heel height compared to the Dune shoes, which for some will be a deal breaker and for others, not so much. Unlike the other two styles these have a black heel and are also they are also pricier. But if they fit perfectly and do the job well, they will be a better investment long term, so they may be worth trying. 

My "photographer" told me to strike a pose for Mother's Day. So this was it. She even showed me what to do. And who am I to argue?

If anyone comes across any more leopard print courts out there and if you would like to share them with me, please do so. Or if you'd like a post on flatter leopard print shoes, just say the word. In the meantime, I hope that you all have a great start to the week. xx

Monday, 30 October 2017

New Boots - and there's 30% off until 31st October

(Livy Love top Baukjen (£59 - gifted) Boots Jones (£112) Jeans Zara previous season)

Quite often if I'm doing a post about a particular item, I try and include at least a couple of alternatives but on this occasion I'm just sticking to these boots, as I really love them.  But you know me - the odd alternative is bound to creep in! 

Jones Nala boots, (£112 in the sale instead of £160) until 31st October

For a few years now I've been after some boots with a bit of detail on them. Of course the Chloe  Susanna's (£850) started it all off several years ago now and you know, if my legs looked like this in them then maybe I could be tempted (well, aside from the price tag that is) but they don't. So we need consider that particular issue no further.

An alternative shot of the Chloe boots...

The other problem that I have with these is that the heel slopes in a little too much and there are just a few too many buckles on them and they are slightly too bling. Lovely on others but I just feel a bit heavy legged and a bit like Adam Ant. "Stand and deliver oh, oh your money or your life....."

For those who like this style but who aren't in the market for an £850 pair of boots, there's the Alabama style from Office which come in at £90 (there's 20% off with the code TREAT.)

Or for similar, there's also the Hush Derby boot (£220)

OK, so having digressed and having gone off at a totally random tangent, I'm coming back to the style I was considering initially - and offering an alternative in the form of the Dune Queenie House of Fraser (£104 instead of £130). Now I tried these too - how handy is it that Jones and Dune are right next door? But for me, the Jones ones just pipped the Dune ones. To be honest it was all about where they finished on my legs (in relation to my veins). I kid you not!

Dune Queenie at House of Fraser (£104)

But coming back to the Jones Nala boots, here are two more shots. I don't think that I've really articulated what it is that I like about them so in a nutshell - firstly, they make me feel taller (that could well be the heel) second the block heel balances out my legs better, third they are a little pointy which feels quite elegant, fourth they make me feel much cooler than I actually am because they have studs and stuff and fifth, they are really soft leather with a soft leather lining. I'm sure that there are many similar ones out there but these just give an idea. 

Ooooh well that was all a bit of a crazy all over the post wasn't it? It must be something to do with Halloween.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Seeing stars....but not in my eyes!

It started with Phoebe Philo wearing Stan Smiths at Celine's A/W 2011 show in Paris. Since then, fashion has adopted trainers as its own. No longer are trainers worn just in the traditional "training sense", which for many has been a revelation. Whether it's a feminist take on fashion or just more of a practical take on fashion I don't know - but I love it.  With a lacy dress, a pleated skirt, smart trousers, to a business meeting, on the red carpet or when heels just won't do - trainers can, do and will. 

Now, one thing that I really can justify buying is a new pair of trainers. My Adidas silver Superstars are probably the most featured footwear on my Instagram account and they are rarely far from my feet. My Fitbit tells me that I've walked miles and miles and miles in them - and the four holes that I have now worked into them is testament to that. Cost per wear - less than nothing. 

For a long time now I've been debating what to replace them with. You will not be surprised to hear that usually a decision of this nature doesn't cause me any problems but in this instance. Well, let's just say that the debate has been ongoing. It's almost as if the fear of making the wrong decision - of replacing something so amazing with something inferior - is  just too big a risk to take. But now - well now I have made a decision as to what I would like. And they feature stars. I don't think that I will ever tire of stars. From star jewellery, to t-shirts, to handbags, to jeans and our latest wallpaper, stars adorn pretty much everything. These are my favourite picks so far...

Well hello baby! These are high on my wish list. Not just sparkly stars but glittery stars. Hush Galaxy Trainer (£145)

I saw these Star lace up sneakers in & Other Stories (£75) when I was in London earlier in the week. I'm not quite so sure about the multi-colours - the jury is still out - but they could be a contender.

Russell & Bromley moodboard sneakers (£195) - not strictly stars in their own right but there's definitely a star presence. 

Or how about the Dune Equel patchwork cupsole trainer (£60)?  The reviews of these say how comfortable they are so I'm definitely drawn to them. [Sorry about the poor quality image; Dune make it tricky to get them!]

M&S star trainer (£29.50) - now I've already ordered these in the name of "research". I really liked the white ones but they are out of stock. Black could be a little bit interesting. But I think that I might just still need some white ones too. 

Oooh now aren't these snazzy? They're the ASOS  Dawn Star Trainer (£25). They're not leather, which some may prefer and as it says on the image, half sizes are available which can make a huge difference comfort wise. 

Or there's the ASOS Delilah moon and star trainer (£25)

I would love to know if any of you have bought any star trainers recently and if so, what the comfort factor is like. And if you don't already have some, I would love to know which ones grab your attention. It might help me to decide which ones to go for! 


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Coming to your rescue....

We all know that the High Street is great at catering for the masses but woe betide you if you are taller, or shorter, or have a larger bust or curvier hips than those masses. Suddenly life becomes a whole lot trickier.
The same is true for those ladies who have wider feet; for those ladies for whom shoe shopping is just a miserable experience because none of the shoes that they like will go on.  Well that's where the Dune Lucki double strap sandal from John Lewis (£65) comes into its own.

I happen to love this style of shoe, wider feet or not. Metallic - rose gold or silver (tick), sparkle - on the heel (tick), flatform - for height (tick), slightly cool and Scandi (tick), comfortable (tick) and for those with wider feet, two buckles that actually function so as to accommodate a wider foot, which equals ticks all the way to the till. And I haven't checked but it's possible that they could be tightened significantly too, so they may accommodate a narrower foot - as well as an "average" foot. Excellent news all round!  

Let me know what you think. I hope that these could be just the gem you may be looking for this summer.

Beth x

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The H&M silver pleated skirt....

(Outfit: Skirt H&M current season, Shoes Dune, Jumper Whistles, Bag Boden, all previous seasons)

I know, I look like a very silver Christmas tree. Although compared to an outfit that I wore the other evening - first to parents' evening (the Head must have thought I was slightly crazy donning double sequins) and then out with friends, this is positively tame. In fact I came out of parents' evening slightly hot and flustered due to trying to cover up said sequins with a fur gilet and a coat. Bad move.

Anyway, I digress, here I'm wearing the H&M silver pleated skirt (£29.99) which is uber comfortable for a number of reasons. First it has an elasticated waist, secondly it's a great length, thirdly it has plenty of room for taking a big stride. What more can you ask from a skirt that looks like it's made of bacofoil?

And as for re-styling it? Biker boots and a turtle neck maybe, or high open sandals and a chunky jumper, or a lacy top. no socks and ankle boots, or just to add to the glitz, sparkly socks with anything and everything? Now we're talking! (So who's going to comment on the fact that I clearly didn't take my socks off early enough, hence the sock mark on my ankle? That's why I love instagram. These things don't show up!)

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Shorts and a shirt for the City

As soon as I put my shorts on this morning the sun went in - which says it all really. But having got that far, I persevered and kept them on well - just because..... Just because I didn't get around to changing, just because it was warm enough to keep them on, just because I like them and just because I felt like flying the flag for all 46 year olds who want to wear shorts!

But there is always that dilemma of what to wear them with. If we lived by the sea, or if it was a day in the garden it would be a boho top and flip flops all the way. But as I needed to go into town and do a hundred and one other jobs locally, I didn't want to look as though I was about to chuck my bucket and spade into the car and head to the nearest beach for an ice cream.
So I felt that this shirt with a scalloped hem from Cos (£45) would add just a little bit of structure and tailoring to my look. Well, insofar as I ever really think about these things.

And that was it really. I also wore this shirt for a night out on Friday with black fitted trousers and big ear-rings and I have other plans for it too. I just love a good shirt for the summer!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

My favourite summer buy - and it's only £9.99!

Skirt: Zara, Shoes: Dune, Jacket: Reiss, Jumper: Topshop, Bag: M&S, Necklace: New Look

Remember a few posts ago I said that I loved it when the temperature was around 17 degrees? Well this is what I meant. It gives me the chance to wear the sort of outfits that I like, rather than bulking up and covering up with lots of layers out of necessity, or it being so warm that I end up in a Sweaty Betty type mess.

I really liked wearing this outfit - not that there's anything special about it but it was just a case of no tights and I wasn't cold, a leather jacket and again I wasn't cold, a lightweight fitted jumper and my new favourite necklace - and one which I will wear all summer no doubt. I felt covered enough and smart enough for work but still comfortable in my current favourite Dune flats.

As to the necklace, it's the multi coloured spike thread necklace from New Look (£9.99). Predictably I love the colours - as does my two year old niece. As soon as I arrived last week she was straight after my necklace (and bracelets) and it's so sweet as everything looks so enormous on her. But it is so pretty but in a neon type way - and it will go with everything.

And just to clarify the motor bike isn't mine. We'll leave it at that for now. But maybe one day I'll do a post on hobbies that our hubbie's take up as they approach 50. 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Plain and simple sometime work the best - a new Baukjen T!

Apologies for the selfie in this post - I think that all photographers were on strike. This is just a quick OOTD from our trip last week and what I really wanted to share was this Baukjen Drue Top (£55), which also comes in grey.

One of my favourite things about this top is that you can faff and fiddle with it, get the position just right so that it's the right length/covers any lumps or bulges and then it stays there all day, so that you don't have to faff again (other than when you've been to the loo. As to the rest of the outfit, I've just whacked a Jigsaw tassel scarf with it from last year (similar here). I shared the Dune shoes a couple of days ago and the battered jeans are from Zara.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My favourite new (Dune) shoes...

I thought that, because I was on holiday and that because my shoes were new and needed a bit of wearing in, it wouldn't matter too much if I wore my new Marks & Spencer socks with them - as long as no-one saw.

And then I decided that I quite liked the slightly nerdy shoe and sock combo, so I'm sharing the photo on here. I did it again today but this time with the cherry pair. Sorry if I cause anyone offence!

My shoes are from Dune and they are the Ebby Tassel trainer. They are the blush colour, which I really like as it's slightly better than cream or white against my skin.  What also appealed was the slightly pointed toe, which makes them a little more elegant.  The chunky sole stops them from being too flat and they are hugely comfortable too, which is important for me as my feet seem to have given up with shoes of the smart/heeled variety :(

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Five outfit ideas for New Year's Eve...sparkles, pleather, lace, bright trousers and spotty shoes, though maybe not all together

With New Year's Eve only around the corner, I thought that I would post some outfit ideas for "the big night".  These outfits are all made up of things that I already have in my wardrobe. Bits and bobs could be mixed around - shoes swapped with other shoes, tops swapped with other tops - you get the idea. I'm hoping that this post may provide a light bulb moment - for me too!  If there's anything that you like the look of, have a think and see if there's anything that you have in your wardrobe that you could use to create something similar.

The 1970's shoes and midi skirt

I liked the idea of wearing these M&S 1970's inspired shoes in the winter but I haven't got around to it yet. However a party, or something based largely indoors, would be the perfect opportunity to give them a whirl. Because they are quite chunky they can hold their own against the heavier pleather fabric of the pleated skirt. For me the skirt needs to be midi length to avoid the whole "mutton" look. I chose the top because I really like the sleeve shape but plenty of other top options would work with this skirt.

The PJ top

Wearing PJs for evening wear has been a huge trend for a while now. Whilst my trousers aren't PJs they are probably the nearest thing in terms of comfort - satin joggers from Topshop. The top is a PJ top though. It's by Rosie at Autograph and I really like it irrespective of whether it's a PJ top or not - and it's probably the comfiest evening out outfit going. The spotty shoes are from Aldo. I love their shoes for their reasonable prices and half sizes.

The fun shoes and sparkly skirt

I bought these shoes this year and they always make me laugh as they definitely verge on the slightly ridiculous. The skirt is a Whistles one that I bought in the sale last year and didn't ever wear. There's a closer shot of its sparkle and "fluffiness" below. The silver ribbed top from Primark doesn't come through very well in the photos. A strappy silky top would work well with this outfit - just not on me! As would sparkly trainers - if I could find any in my size :( I love a big floral midi length skirt too for an evening out. If it's chilly, wear it with a short chunky jumper for a modern take on evening wear.

Full on sparkle and ripped jeans

I've been photo bombed! Sometimes all you need is jeans, a pair of heels and a sparkly top, especially for a trip to the pub. The jeans could be swapped for cigarette pants to make the outfit that bit smarter for a restaurant trip/house party where you're not quite sure of the dress code.

The top is H&M, the jeans are Zara and the shoes Dune. 

The bright trousers

For this look you could go with brocade trousers, or sequin trousers, instead of coloured trousers.  A black silk shirt would work well with a louder bottom half, or the lace black top from the first outfit would work with these too, or again, a strappy silk top. Whatever its style, I prefer a plainer top when wearing "shouty" bottoms. I like how the addition of a pair of heels can make an outfit party worthy - so if you're not a fan of full on sparkle/evening wear, they are a good investment to give a bit of a life to an otherwise plain outfit.

You will note the absence of any dresses. I think that it's because I don't have any midi length dresses and a shorter one would need tights and they then present shoe difficulties and anyway the 16 year old needed a lift as she was going out for the night because she has a better social life than I do and now I'm just a taxi driver.....(but I do love being a taxi driver really).

Thank you to everyone for your kind words following yesterday's post. I really appreciate you all taking time out of your busy lives to drop me a line and offer your words of wisdom.  Beth x

Monday, 14 December 2015

Sparkles, more sparkles and a touch of pleather...

A lady I was once working with told me how I was the shop window for my business. Well let me tell you - this particular shop window has been driven into by joy riders, smashed and grabbed to within an inch of its life and ransacked all at the same time. I caught a sight of myself in the mirror today and it was far from good. I've picked up a stinking cough and cold and it shows.

But all is not lost, for the crack team of Ange the beautician and Luke the hairdresser will come to my rescue later in the week. Ange will sort out my eyebrows, do my nails and spray me a different colour - because on Saturday we are going away for some sun. And if I ask her nicely, she might remove my grey moustache too. Or should I just leave it there? I think that it might look quite good with a bikini.

We were out at friends on Saturday night. I wore my sequin turtleneck H&M top (£29.99) for the first time and it was fab. It's lined which stops it from being itchy, whilst at the same time making it warm, so it was a double win for me. Comfortable glamour - that's what its all about. Whoever said it was the hokey cokey was wrong.

I put a little video on instagram of me wearing the top, which you can see here. I'm wearing it with some semi busted Zara jeans and sparkly Dune shoes - as if there wasn't enough sparkle already.

And whilst we're about it, I thought that I would share another H&M purchase, being this "leather inspired" (OK, plastic) skirt which cost £19.99. I'd been on the semi look out for a pleather skirt for a while and then this one caught my eye last week. It was the asymmetric hem that got me. It comes up quite small so I have a size 10 and again, there's a little instagram video here where I'm wearing it.

I must like the skirt because I've worn it twice already. I have to say, it did catch me out though. When I sit on our kitchen stools I think that I perch on them on one bum cheek and then whizz across them to get on them fully. Let's just say that there wasn't so much whizzing with this little number on. More of an attempted whizz with a sudden stop as the pleather stuck to the seat. Not a good look.

Now usually by now I've started my "12 outfits of Christmas" feature but with us going away I haven't quite got that far this year. I wonder whether I might just irritate people showing pictures of sunny climes. Although knowing our luck with the weather it will chuck it down with rain and I'll just spend the whole week wearing the same one jumper and one pair of jeans. It's been done before.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Diamonds in the (white) soles of her shoes...

Outfit: Jigsaw boyfriend jeans and Next mono point shoe, both current (although I can't find a link to the Next shoes right now), Mango jacket, LK Bennett bag, Whistles jumper (not so current)! 

I can't promise you diamonds in the soles of your shoes but I can promise you white soled shoes.

Each season there are the main trends and then there are the sub-trends and within those trends, the micro-trends. This season white soled shoes are everywhere. I've not read anything about them - not that I can recall anyway - so in that sense they're not a main trend but in the same way that a few seasons ago all dresses suddenly seemed to have exposed zips, many styles of shoes also come with white soles. I love them for their fresh, modern look.

If they haven't already, no doubt white soled shoes will now jump out at you wherever you are but for now, here are just a few examples of what's around at the moment...


I love a good brogue and the addition of a white sole has given them the update that they needed. Whistles has the Fayley shoe (£150) and there is a similar style at Dune (£69) which are peppered with holes - lovely and spring like!


Clarks has the Griffin Milly (£45) which comes in a few different colour ways. There are similar at Dune which come in a lovely shade of yellow. Again, a loafer is a very classic style and the white sole makes all the difference, making them fresher and lighter.

Skater trainers

Clarks have this Coll Beach shoe in pale yellow (£55). I tried them on earlier today (see below) and whilst they came up quite wide on me, they have the potential to be very comfortable. A real "go to" spring shoe if you're more of a casual, laid back, trouser kind of girl.


There's the Draedia from Aldo (£50), which I have and which I'm quite fond of but sadly the weather hasn't facilitated in the wearing of these. The style has been around for ages but more in a "buy them from a rack hanging on the beach front" type of way, rather than a silver, sparkly type of way. The great thing about Aldo is that they do a 4.5 and 5.5, which is handy.

Another example is the Dina sandal from Miss KG (£55) - again more white soles but this time mixed with a lovely bright pink.


Kurt Geiger has the Krypton style (£110) and I've seen others in Dune, Primark and Carvela.

So, there we go. Not a terribly obvious trend but something that seems to have slowly crept up on us. It's something that's very accessible to us all and a quick wardrobe update, plus a whole load of sensible looking shoes have suddenly started to look a whole lot more attractive and that's never a bad thing.