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Sunday, 7 February 2016

A dining table with a difference....

In the next couple of months, we will be in the market for a new dining table - I know, how exciting? (!) Actually it really is. I feel as though after 16 years of marriage it might be our first, proper, grown ups dining table. Not grown up in the sense of a traditional dark wood item but grown up because we're now past the stage of having to cover the seats in oilcloth and we no longer need to be sure that it can be wiped down after a child scribbles on it. So, fabulous as our Ikea table has been, I won't be sorry to say goodbye to it. Instead we can choose something that we actually like - now there's a revelation. It needs to seat 10 people and we fancy something industrial. And here's a selection of what I've come across so far.... 

The Arden table and bench set from Graham & Green (£1800) has a cement fibre top and is 240cm long, which is a pretty good size. My problem is that I'm not sure about benches. Mr SG likes the idea and whilst it's true that they do seat more people, they're a real pain unless everyone on the bench likes being the same distance away from the table. Which knowing our family will never be the case and I can imagine arguing throughout a whole meal - which on reflection is not much different to usual.  

Also from Graham & Green is this zinc table (£1200). It's 210cm long and its styling makes it less industrial than the one above. I think that this is a great compromise for those who still prefer a table which is more traditional in its styling, whilst using more modern materials. With so many of us having wooden floors, the zinc top makes a nice contrast and breaks things up a little, plus with this option it's possible to have a little more fun with the seating styles. I like the idea of having mis-matched chairs with this table. Sadly though Mr SG doesn't like the table at all so I don't think that chairs, either mis-matched or otherwise, will be featuring.  

Loaf has this gorgeous concrete conker table, which I went to take a look at when I was last in London. It comes in medium (160cm length £715), large (180cm length £755) and extra large (220cm length £855). The chairs/benches are extra but again I like that it offers a flexible approach to seating.

Made has this fawn dining table in zinc (£349). It's a more compact option than some of the other tables, being only 140cm in length, making it perfect for smaller spaces. It's designed to feel like a working table in an old manor house, or farmhouse, which is why zinc was used to top it.

For anyone who is now in the concrete mood - but not in the market for a new table - John Lewis has this concrete pendant light for £70...

Or for something even simpler to work into your d├ęcor without anyone else knowing for at least a couple of weeks (depending on how observant your husband/children/anyone else who is going to land you in it might be) a lamp is the perfect solution and John Lewis has this tall table lamp for £80 with other concrete bits and bobs here.


If any of you have come across any other industrial table sized gems then do feel free to let me know. I've also checked out Heals, M&S and John Lewis but there's nothing there. I haven't checked out proper "industrial" suppliers yet but I guess that might be the next step. We're only at the very first stages of mulling things over so nothing is set in stone yet - or in concrete. (Dire. Groan. I know.) 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pineapples for interiors

Interior trends often reflect fashion trends and vice versa, which means that not only can we find pineapples on necklaces, t-shirts and Valentine's Day cards but also in our homes - and not just in our fruit bowls either.

As I've mentioned before, fingers crossed we will shortly be having our house knocked around which should result in a big open space for eating, socialising, working and playing pool or table tennis. Whilst I can't quite envisage the space, and whilst I'm not yet sure which larger pieces of furniture we will need, other than a new dining table, I'm quite excited about the bits and bobs and finishing touches. I guess that this is slightly the wrong way round but I always think that if you love something, you will find the perfect home for it.

For my last birthday and for Christmas, I asked for gift cards which I have been squirrelling away in anticipation of those things which catch my eye - of which there seem to be many. And something "pineappley" is near the top of my list.  

I came across this Laura Ashley pineapple lamp (£96 was £120) today and immediately fell in love with it. I've made huge amounts of progress with Mr SG this weekend and he can now talk about the work on the house for about 10 minutes before needing to go and lie in a darkened room. Or reaching for the bottle, which is followed by a lie down in a darkened room. I actually managed to get him into Laura Ashley with me today and he liked this lamp. So that was a good start. We had actually gone into Laura Ashley for a different interiors gem but I'll save that for another day.

 Graham & Green and has long been a favourite place of mine to browse interiors and this pineapple lamp base (£125) comes a very close second to the Laura Ashley lamp above. The reviews of it are really good and I love the choice of shade, although there are plenty of other options too.

For those who would prefer a glass option, M&S has this pineapple lamp for £49.50. Compared to the other two styles, this one is quite a chubby pineapple!

For anyone who would prefer a pineapple "object" as opposed to a lamp, John Lewis has this gold pineapple vase (£40) and in the picture below, you can see how fab it looks in a room setting. In fact I really like the whole of this look for a living room but I suspect that there are many rooms like this all over the country, given that John Lewis has marketed this look so heavily.
Oliver Bonas is a great shop for bits and bobs and they have these gorgeous pineapple spoons (£18) which could be displayed in a non-kitchen setting.  They also have gold pineapple salt and pepper pots in store but not online.

As with fashion, there's always the issue of how much money to commit to a piece that may only be a trend for a few seasons. On the other hand, if we love something, I don't think that any of us will stop loving it just because it's no longer "the" trend of the season.  So, what are we thinking about the Pineapple trend? Yeah or meh?