Thursday, 29 September 2011

A revolutionary concept - the first global Personal Stylist Directory at

So, the children are back at school and nicely into the swing of their various activities. I completed the 5k race that my husband entered me for without telling me (revenge will be sweet) and I have been a busy bee working on lots of new amazing work opportunities.

I haven't posted many pictures recently, largely because I have been wearing skinny jeans virtually non-stop (even in this heat!) In fact, I am waiting for someone to ask me whether I actually own anything other than skinny jeans.

The reason for the lack of variety in my clothing of late is because I take the demon three year old to school on her scooter every day and I need to run to keep up with her as she whizzes of into the distance shouting “I love scootering, it makes me big and strong” (and leaves me exhausted) - which means flat boots, which means, for these particular boots at least, skinny jeans. However, this has to stop. I can't live in the same pair of boots - oh no, that would never do. So really it can only mean one thing - more shoe shopping is in order. Yep, I like the sound of that (maybe that’s where the revenge will come in).

During the summer, when I was no quite so depleted in energy, I was lucky enough to make contact with the lovely Chantelle Znideric, who runs the fabulously successful online stylist service  Chantelle set up with the funding that she received as a result of winning an award from the Federation of Image Consultants.  Her site has gone from strength to strength and I wanted to tell you all about the new feature that she has just launched on her website.

Chantelle has added to her site a Personal Stylist Directory. The Directory lists stylists not only in the UK but also all over the world. People visiting the site can use the Personal Stylist Directory to find out about the services that the individual stylists offer (including me), together with their experience. They can read testimonials from clients and see which awards the stylists have won. Anyone who is considering booking a session with one of the stylists gets a complimentary 15 minute skype or telephone session with them prior to making a booking. So, wherever you live, you can now take a look at the Personal Stylist Directory to see whether there is someone in your area who can assist you with your styling needs.  Not only that but you can find out all about them and have a free 15 minute chat before deciding whether to book them for a session.   

From a stylist's perspective, there is the potential for unlimited business. Each stylist has a web page dedicated to their own business and there is the opportunity for the stylist to increase their exposure by writing articles for the iStylista blog.

 If you would like to find out more, either as someone who is interested in booking a session with a stylist, or as a stylist who would like to be listed on the directory, you can find the Personal Stylist Directory at

 Of the new Directory, Chantelle has said “as a stylist I appreciate all too well the challenges we face in setting up and growing a business in this exciting industry and therefore I wanted to create something that helped other stylists on multiple levels. We heavily researched the challenges faced by many existing stylists and then built the directory and all its functionality from there. The real advantage to our stylists however is that continues to attract a huge global audience each and every month – meaning an already established level of presence and loyalty”.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mum on the Run - a high waisted A-line skirt

Do you remember the song by the Lotus Eaters - The First Picture of You?  The chorus goes "the first picture of you, the first picture of summer, seeing the flowers scream their joy..." Well I fear that rather than this being the first picture of summer, it is probably the last picture of summer.  And I'm less than convinced that my flowers look as if they are screaming with joy.  Mind you, it is one more picture of summer than I was anticpating.  I had actually put all of my summer clothes/shoes etc away but in the heat of the day I painted my nails, sprayed on a bit of fake tan, dug out the sandals and off I went.

My husband has just looked at this picture and commented that he liked the skirt.  I think that his words were "that's actually a nice skirt.  It's high waisted and shows that you are slim.  That's what you need rather than those ones that sit on your hips.  Can I be your apprentice?"  Watch out Gok, your style crown is about to be stolen!

So anyway, the skirt is actually winter stock from  Cos.  It's a heavy cotton though, so OK for this time of year and also for when it is cooler.  As we all know, A line skirts do a great job of skimming over the hips and this is no exception.  I like the fact that you can take a decent stride in it! 

The top is a Ted Baker one that I bought in the sale in the summer.  I'm pleased that I've found something to put it with as it's a bit tricky to style.  The Dune sandals are still going strong but are about to go into hibernation for the winter.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Mum on the Run - teal skinnies

I gulped as my husband uttered those famous words this morning - "are those new jeans?"  The gulp wasn't because he would mind but rather because he noticed!   Fortunately he didn't notice the boots though or else the gulp might have been for the other reason.  It's amazing how far one's birthday money can go isn't it?

Anyway, I have several events lined up in the next few weeks so this week I have had to do some shopping for them and along with buying things for the event came one or two purchases for my own wardrobe - these teal skinny jeans from Warehouse being one of them.  I love the colour - it's different and very this season, without being too far away from the norm as to make me feel conspicuous.  They are mega comfortable as they have a high rise - which means that when I bend down, they don't head south!  One thing though - they do give so you need to buy them as snug a fit as possible to start off with.  I put them with my new Chelsea boots and a striped top for our trip out.  Stripes are a bit last season really but I love them and always will - and anyway I haven't had time to replace them with spots yet!

Jeans  -Warehouse, Boots Cos, Cardi and top Gap, Bag Mulberry

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mum on the Run - Festival outfit

 I don't tend to post pictures of our children or really mention anything other than their bad habits (of which there are many) but I made an exception for this photo of our youngest playing air guitar at a festival on Sunday - just because it made me laugh.

It also leads me into my festival outfit, which consisted of a couple of new bits - the sparkly jumper from Warehouse and the grey skinny jeans from Cos plus some biker boots and a Longchamp bag which I already had. I left the spotty wellies/shorts/denim shirt/sunglasses look to our twelve year old, who is much better anatomically designed for it than I am i.e. she doesn't have my legs! The pink jewelled purse around my neck was courtesy of our three year old - I think that she thought I might get lost so it had 10p in it in case I neede to make a phone call.

 Unfortunately I think that the jeans and sparkly jumper may be featuring a lot because they are so comfortable.  The sparkly jumper scoops down at the back so does a good job of bottom hiding - always good in my book.  It also comes in gold and navy.  Using a £10 voucher from Style Magazine this month, combined with their 20% off day meant that it would have been rude to have left it in the shop.  The jeans are oh so comfortable, nice and high, lots of support and a change from blue or black.  I also bought....wait for it....some Chelsea boots to wear with them.  I remember owning a pair in the early 90's when I worked in London and I never thought that I would own a pair again but they are fab!  Great with skinnies, flat and practical and they just liven everything up a little.  Speaking of London, I have an invitation to an event at LFW so I am very excited.  Not sure what I am going to do with the children that day though - haven't really thought that one through - Mum, are you reading this?!!! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mum on the Run - Breakfast at Tiffany's

We were invited to a friend's birthday party on Saturday night and the theme was "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  My husband isn't really a dressing up kind of chap and has a bit of a limited wardrobe - not in terms of cubic capacity you understand - rather in terms of cubic capacity available for his clothes, as opposed to mine - if you get my drift.  So, to make him feel better (and as a nod to the androgynous trend) I combined two outfits into one - male and female - with black trousers and blazer for the blokey bit and the pearls, tiara, bag and heels for the girlie bit.  It was a great party!

Black cigarette pants - Ted Baker, Black blazer - Gap, Nude shoes LK Bennett, Bag Liberty

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mum on the Run - a tunic dress

I haven't posted much recently, largely because it's been that in between stage - too cold for summer dresses, too warm for winter clothes and I need the children to go back to school before I get chance to sort my wardrobe out.  So really, if I am honest, I have been wearing jeans a lot.

Today we went to the hills on the outside of the City for a walk. At one stage my husband carried my bag, whilst I carried the little one up a hill. He asked how he looked carrying my Kiera Knightly bag.  Ah bless. I felt that it would have been unfair had I not told him that the bag was by Orla Kiely, not
 Kiera Knightly.  That came hot on the heels of our son asking whether the skirt being worn by our youngest was "a bandage or a pencil skirt" (it was A-line) but the boys are clearly catching on in this house!

Anyway, our walk was enjoyable, so much so that at any moment I expected Jo Frost, she of Supernanny fame, to appear with her cameras and a narrative saying "the Goodrham family have taken my advice and are now having day trips out and interracting with their children in an effort to improve their parenting skills and improve their children's swearing and general bad behaviour." I can't say that I would have been shocked.

We subsequently went to listen to songs and stories by a ranger kind of guy.  He sang a song about eating, and then vomitting, up a bumble bee. Lovely. This was closely followed by a story, the moral of which was, if you are told to keep a secret, then you must do so, irrespective of everything else. The instincts gained from my previous profession kicked in and I thought "great, all the paedophiles are going to love him."  Bad I know, but there we go.  

Anyway, to the outfit, I have dug out my Gap tunic dress (tunics are going to be HUGE this season) which  I put with my green skinny jeans. It will be versatile in the months to come, I am sure. As to the jeans, I felt much happier having my thighs covered up and I must admit that I felt a little less frog like! The outfit would have looked slightly more finished with my navy and white striped scarf .  However, I am in the process of washing all of my scarves, together with my silk things and knitwear -whilst I can still stick them all on the line to dry.  Next week I will hit the shops again.  Yipppeee!