Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mum on the Run - the pink Mulberry gets an outing

Oh what an evening!  Our disorganisation at getting the union jack bunting for the wedding tomorrow meant that we ended up with the stuff that no-one wanted - the England flag - and now our house looks like it is inhabited by football hooligans. 

Our eldest made red cupcakes for our street party but ran out of red food colouring so they are pink.  She wanted me to take her out to get more food colouring but as I had had some gin I wasn't going to drive - and come to think of it nor was it too bright a thing to do prior to going to a yoga class.  On returning from the yoga class I had to tidy the kitchen which I swear had every bowl, implement and utensil known to man all over the worksurfaces and the floor is somewhat sticky.  Her and that flippin' balloon whisk again!

Our son had a friend round whose Grandma happened to have won Wimbledon some years ago.  On asking him whether he was any good at tennis he responded to the effect that he would be if his Grandma could be bothered to get her finger out, stopped walking the dog and gardening and taught him how to play tennis.  Well it was a concise answer I suppose.

So to the clothes - it was suprisingly cold this morning so I layered a silk printed blouse with a bow under a bat wing jumper and added navy trousers and gold wedges.  I also wore a trench coat which kept the chill out until it warmed up. Having finally braved treating the pink Mulberry it too came out for an outing.  Its size and strap length are really good when shopping.

In answer to last night's "thought for the day" I decided that I am really lucky and that I don't need either more or less of anything - but if I could only look how the mirror in French Connection (Birmingham)makes me look then I would just be a tinier bit happier.  It just stretches me out a bit! Go take a look some time.  Have a great day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Running to stand still!

Oh golly, sorry no picture today - but a photo of today's outfit will appear tomorrow.  It all started out so well but when I got home I changed (into something not worth showing you) as I was swapping the children's bedrooms around.  It then all went down hill from there as I got distracted by a fire at a local school (I even watched the local news, having wrestled the remote from the three year old as Dora is normally on at that time).  So, until tomorrow, here is a thought for you to ponder instead:

Assuming that you had just a little bit more of a few things - time/money/legs/boobs, for example, and a little less of some other things, how would it change the way that you dress? The idea is not to go too far from where you are now but to think how, with a few little tweaks here and there, you would change your wardrobe. On that note I will go and do some pondering myself.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Mum on the Run - A casual look (at any age!)

It was colder today than it has been of late so I knew that layers would be the order of the day.  After years in the wilderness, my denim shirt has now become a favourite piece in my wardrobe.  Combined with khaki cargos, a pretty blouse from Zara, a leopard print belt and pink shoes, I was sorted for the day ahead.

On reaching my friend's house she observed what a pretty blouse I was wearing and then realised that her (12 year old) daughter had the same one - and similar coloured trousers.  Oh flip - so I am now dressing like a 12 year old. 

On reflection I have concluded that it is not that I am dressing too young for my age, or that she is dressing too old for her age - it's just that these days when you reach 40 you don't have to head for the block pleated skirts with twin set and pearls. However I am conscious that I should not tread on my own daughter's fashion toes, and one should never close one's mind to new fashion possibilities so - Eastex and crimplene here I come!

Trousers Gap, Denim shirt Next, Blouse Zara, Shoes Clarks

Monday, 25 April 2011

Mum on the Run - A weekend away

I have been away for a few days to sunny Brighton to see family and friends - hence the lack of pictures.  Having walked some not inconsiderable distances in heat, high heels and amongst the crowds, these are my top five style observations/tips when it comes to the summer wardrobe:
  • Buy a box of plasters.  It's not true that our feet toughen up over the winter months.  All those snuggly socks and covering up turn our feet into wimps so that at the first sign of a strappy sandal they blister;
  • Always, always always check your view from the rear because even if you don't, others will.  I shall say no more;
  • Always check what you look like when on the move - bits that look firm and toned when standing still can take on jelly like qualities when on the move;
  • Novelty anything just doesn't work on anyone over the age of about 12;
  • Put aside your fears and wear white.  As long is the ice cream is vanilla and the alcohol is champagne/gin/vodka or white wine you'll be fine.  We all know that an ice cream and alcohol diet is good for the soul - well, for a short time anyway. Oh yes, and remember to leave the children elsewhere - they have a tendency to be a bit mucky.
PS - The bottom on display in the photograph - it's not mine!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Mum on the Run - It's all white!

Today saw me visiting my oldest school friend and then it was on to see my Mum.  I love going back to the village where I grew up - seeing the church, the local, the chippy and the Post Office where I longed to have the yellow microphone and flippers (how random?) that were on display when I was all of six - it all just reminded me of those long hot summers when I was younger.

Today I was road testing my new white dress from Mango, in preparation for our weekend away in Brighton.  I liked the fact that it was cotton, double layered and that it had an interesting detail on the hemline.  Also I love white for the summer as it is a blank canvas - my summer equivalent of navy really.  The good thing about it for me was that it had a good length to it (as do most of Mango's dresses and skirts) so little is revealed when scrambling around with our three year old.  

Not too long ago I was described by a friend of mine as scrawny (he knows who he is!) but the fact that the dress had a high neckline meant that my scrawny chest was not on display!  However my arms are OK so the fact that the dress was sleeveless was a positive. I styled it with a gold belt and gold sandals to go with the gold buttons on the dress.  However it is so versatile that I will put lots of different accessories with it.  In fact if the weather stays nice I fear that I might be wearing it quite a lot- well that is until either I, or one of the children, spills something revolting on it and ruins it.

Have a lovely Easter weekend.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Day 4 Spring work wear : Smart T and tailored trousers

This is more of a casual work look - smart T, peg trousers and bright shoes.  Provided that the T is on the smart side and you have a blazer or nice piece of knitwear to put over the top should the need arise, this can work fine in most office environments.  Remeber no bra straps showing please!

T- Oasis, Peg trousers M&S, Shoes Clarks, Cuff Hobbs

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Day 3 Spring work wear: the LBD

A LBD, or a little blue dress, or little red dress is a really handy addition to your spring work wardrobe, provided that it is versatile enough.  For that, it needs to be fairly plain and it helps if the belt can be changed too.  If you feel that you do not suit, or do not like belts, that is less of a consideration. 

As to length, if it finishes just on or above your knee, you should be able to wear it with both flats and heels. Too short before you add heels and too much leg may be on display at work.  Too long without heels it can look frumpy.

This dress is a silk one from Whistles which has a cotton slip underneath. It is one of my favourite pieces as it is pretty yet simple.  Here I have gone for a simple day time look and  I have substituted the black belt that it came with and swapped it for a wide bright blue belt.  I have added blue/green sandals and kept to a black bag for simplicity.

Silk Dress Whistles, Belt Reiss, Shoes Pied a Terre, Bag Marc Jacobs.
Below I have styled the dress for a night out.  I have swapped the belt back to the silk one that came with the dress and added a statement necklace, high shoes and a burgandy patent evening bag - all of it fairly simple colour wise.  Of course there are lots of other alternatives that you could go for - bright shoes/bright bag/oversized clutch/statement earrings instead of statement necklace and so on - and therein lies the beauty of a good LBD, it acts as a blank canvas, enabling you to create many looks from one piece.

Dress Whistles, Shoes LK Bennett, Bag Reiss, Necklace Oasis

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Day 2 Spring work wear: cropped trousers and a silk shirt

Today I have gone for a silk ruffled shirt, slim cotton cropped trousers and patent high heels.  Being natural fibres, silk and cotton work well when it is warmer. I have added the coral belt to break up the "black and greyness" of it all.  A black blazer would be a nice addition to make the outfit smarter.  Alternatively the trousers could be dressed down with ballet flats, a plain white shirt and a piece of knitwear.

If slim fitting trousers don't suit your shape, you could swap them for a pair of wide black leg trousers - it's probably best to avoid the classic court shoe with a wide trouser but rather go for a stacked heel or a wedge instead.

Trousers Ted Baker, Shirt and shoes LK Bennett, Belt Joules, Bag Mulberry

Monday, 18 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Day 1: Spring work wear - a striped skirt and wedges

The weather forecast is fairly good this week and so I am going to do five days of spring work wear. 

There are a lot of stripes around this season and so I have gone for a pink, cream and brown skirt with stripes of varying widths.  I have put it with a mink coloured silk cowl neck top and a pinky camisole layered underneath.  I am also using my pink bag and have worn some Jigsaw wedges.

The silhouette of this outfit is heading towards the 1950's - great for pear shaped ladies as the cowl neck adds volume to the bust, the fitted skirt and top define the waist and the volume in the skirt disguises wider hips. A belt would add further definition at the waist if desired. The wedges could be swapped for a peep toe shoe which would give it more of a 1950's feel.

Skirt and top both H&M, Bag Russell & Bromley, Shoes Jigsaw

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Wide linen trousers

The good thing about white wide legged linen trousers is that they are comfortable and keep you cool.  The bad thing is that they crumple easily and unless expensive and lined (in which case they are likely to be dry clean only) you can often see the pockets through them, plus underwear etc.  The fact that they are white can make the hips look wider and the fact that they are linen which gives, means that they can  look less fitted than they should, quicker than they should. Not sounding too hopeful is it?

The trouble is that I love white linen in the summer.  The answer? To wear a long top over them.  This deals with pockets/underwear/wide hips/too loose issue fairly well (and if the top is dark it means that you can't see anything that you have sat in - bonus.) 

I am wearing probably one of the most popular French Connection tops that they have ever made - I don't necessarily say that in a good way more a "wherever you go you will see people wearing this top" kind of way.  However, it is a really versatile top.  For those with the legs it can be worn as a dress and dressed up for the evening, it can also be worn on the beach with flat sandals.  As someone who doesn't spend much time in short dresses or on the beach, I layer it over either wide or skinny legged trousers.  For those of you who are slightly wary of stripes, the fact that the stripes are against a dark background makes it easier to wear than the other way round.  Oh and the elbow length sleeves are handy too. 

Trousers Kew, Top French Connection, Converse Jones

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mum on the Run - White jeans

It was slightly warmer today so it was time to bring the white jeans back into action. Whilst I saw some women in strapless maxi dresses I didn't feel that it was quite warm enough for me to reveal any more.  Also, whilst the trends dictate that head to toe white is the way forward it would have to be a really hot day for me to embrace that one full on! I put the jeans with a navy Cos top which I love but which is a bit too thin for the colder months together with silver Carvela sandals and a statement necklace. 

It all worked fine for our picnic but later I substituted the sandals for converse when I again took two of our three "scootering".  Blimey the three year old can't half shift it on that scooter of hers.  The training that I did with the Royal Marines this morning wasn't a patch on what she threw my way!

Jeans Gap, Top Cos, Shoes Carvela, Necklace Next.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Mum on the Run - the casual shirt dress

Today saw us engaging in a variety of different activities, which included going to the Sea Life Centre (again), taking the youngest out on her scooter (hence the shoes I can run in and hands free bag) and doing some DIY (which involved very strong glue and wood). 

I also caught the three year old trying to let herself out of the front door, having got a stool to stand on.  She then asked me whether she was 17 yet as she wants to learn to drive.  The eldest baked cakes and dropped a balloon whisk on the floor - so that saw me mopping the floor and wiping down the kitchen cupboards, cooker and dishwasher.  Apparently I now have pink icing to clear up.

Yep, the clothes had to work hard today.  It was cold this morning and so I went for jeans with a shirt dress plus a coloured top underneath.  It was warm later on and given the state of the clothes I was in, (having also tidied out the conservatory) I really should have changed.  However I knew that I was about to embark on scootering, ice creams, possible tears and tantrums (with all the bodily fluids that that entails), playing in the garden and baking, so left my slightly shabby clothes on.  Sorry! We have had a fun day though.

Jeans Gap, Converse Jones, Long sleeved top French Connection, Dress Cos, Belt Joules

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Dresses with sleeves

Today is my last day of dealing with issues which create problems for us during the summer. 

Before I do though, I wanted to share an anecdote (observation?) with you all that really is a sign of the times.  As I was walking up the street yesterday I saw two teenage girls coming towards me.  They were dressed in opaque tights, ballet pumps, denim shorts and checked shirts.  That wasn't what struck me though. Although side by side they weren't talking.  Instead they were walking along looking down at their phones and texting.  It took me back to days of walking along with my best friend when we were often laughing so much that we couldn't walk.  The thought of walking together but not being together would have been a totally alien concept to me.  I didn't think it wrong or bad - just different and vaguely sad.

So, leaving the philosophical thoughts behind.  Sleeves - or the lack of them in clothes in the summer can cause real problems.  There are lots of shirts and blouses (both silk and non-silk) around this season so tops don't tend to be too much of a problem.  There are always the tunic style tops and kaftans which often have sleeves in them too.

The main difficult I find is the lack of sleeves in every day dresses.  One obvious thing to do if you really can't find a dress that you like with sleeves is to find the perfect base layer to use underneath it so that every dress becomes wearable.  An alternative is to wear some type of cape, shrug or bolero over the top - available everywhere from Primark to Oasis, Monsoon and Hobbs.
Here are a couple of day dresses that might work for you - both from Monsoon and both figure flattering.  Whilst plain, they could easily be dressed up with accessories.

For a full length day time dress, this one from Fenn Wright Manson is hard to beat.  Whilst you may need to be feeling on the brave side, it certainly makes a statement.

LK Bennett has a great selection of dresses with sleeves and some are on sale making them much more reasonably priced. These are a couple of my favourites.  The second one also comes in bright pink and there are various other styles - wraps, animal prints and different coloured ones too.

Reiss has a lovely navy lace dress with sleeves and also a two tone blue dress which taps into the colour blocking trend.  So, hopefully that will give you a few ideas if you don't want your arms on show.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Shoes offering moderate coverage

Today I am dealing with my fourth and penultimate style challenge which causes problems in the summer - keeping feet covered - but not covered up.  It's not a "sexy" topic but stay with me and it will all make sense - I promise!

Lots of sandals, particularly flat ones reveal a lot of the foot.  There are a variety of reasons why this causes problems for women.  Some feel that as they have matured, their feet aren't what they once were, either due to blemishes, the start of bunions or the presence of unsightly veins. Whilst not wanting to wear closed in shoes, some women would like sandals that offer a reasonable amount of coverage.  Below are images of sandals ranging from flat, to wedges, through to mid height, stacked heels and clogs.  All of them offer some moderate coverage so that the entire foot is not on display.  Obviously whether the sandals featured below address the problem or not depends on where the problem lies-but at least they should give you some ideas of what is out there.  Unlike yesterday's shoes, most of which were bright or floral, these are more muted in tone.

  • Starting with flat shoes - these Boden sandals have a criss cross pattern over the foot and will help disguise problem areas whilst not covering the foot entirely.  As you may imagine, they come in a variety of different colours.
  • These flat shoes, also from Boden, have sufficient detailing in the tassel to provide some coverage towards the front of the foot. 

These wedges from New Look offer a lot of coverage up the front of the foot and despite being practical in the sense of being covered up, are still modern looking.

  • These two pairs of shoes from Dune have a mid height heel so are practical not only in that sense but also because they provide coverage

  • These stacked heels from Clarks Boutique range are a great find.  They are a good price and will go with lots of things from cargo trousers, to wide legged jeans through to printed dresses and anything white. They too offer lots of coverage. 

  • And finally the clogs.  These could have come under yesterday's post (shoes for those who don't like their toes) but I thought that I would save them for today.  Out of all of the shoes on offer they cover the foot the most but if you are happy to have your toes on show, there are open versions out there too.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mum on the Run - For those who don't like their toes!

Today is day three of taking a look at the areas which present us with difficulties during the summer months. 

So far I have taken a look at how to give your legs some colour without resorting to fake tan and the hazards that come with it. I have also taken a look at alternatives to jeans and leggings if you don't want your legs on show.  Today is the turn of shoes which are closed (or almost closed) at the front. 

I know that there are some ladies who don't like their toes on display and would rather keep them hidden from view.   I have not covered the classic court shoe, or Uggs or Crocs. Instead I have tried to give you some prettier summer alternatives involving prints, colour and floral options.  There are also other options with stripes, stars - you name it, it's out there! 

So, first off, jewelled flats or ballet pumps to be followed with flat slingbacks, espadrilles, converse style shoes and then a couple of dressier options.  Of course it is always worth bearing in mind the peep toe shoe.  Depending on the size of the "peep" some literally just show a flash of a painted nail rather than a toe - so they too may be worth considering.

  • Jewelled flats or ballet pumps.  These are everywhere, in every colour and with different prints from hearts to spots to sequins.  If you don't want your toes on display and you want to wear flats, I can imagine that you will have lots of these in your wardrobe. These are from Boden - no denying that they are full on but if you are going to go for a bit of embellishment you may as well do it big time!

  • Here is a more casual pair of flats, which you could wear on the beach instead of flip flops. These are by Cath Kidston and I can assure you, they can stand anything that the sea has to throw at them!

  • A flat slingback is also an option for those who don't like their toes.  Next has some nice patent pointed ones with a kitten heel, as does Topshop.  The ones below, which are also from Boden, are completely flat and come in several different colours.

  • Espadrilles - they always make me think of Wham and Club Tropicana - but they have come a long way since then! Cath Kidston has done these pretty floral ones which have a slight wedge to them. The heel is cut out and they have an ankle strap - tricky for some to wear but not others. 
  • As an alternative if the floral business is a bit too much for you, you could try these Boden ones which have a slightly higher wedge.  They also come in several different colour ways.

  • Now, on to the converse style shoes.  Converse are really popular - because they work. They come in lots of different colours, can be machine washed and are very comfortable.  I have shown you a similar idea from Cath Kidston, which are really reasonable priced at £18. Similar styles can be picked up at most high street stores. 

  • This is Boden's version -slightly dressier as they are in satin and, as you might imagine, come in a variety of colours.

  • Now on to a slightly more substantial pair of shoes from Dune.  More of a court shoe with a medium height heel.  Again they are floral but not too overpowering.  They are also fairly neutral albeit in a floral kind of way so they should be really versatile.
  • And my favourites? These fantastic shoes are by Olivia Rubin for Dune.  They are a lovely print -definitely a statement shoe to be worn with pride and a smile on your face!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Keeping your legs under wraps.

Yesterday I wrote about how to deal with those oh so white legs that we tend to have at this time of the year.  Today I will give you ideas on what to wear if you don't want to show your legs at all - ever! Fortuntately, there are now plenty of options and you don't have to suffer the whole summer sweating in jeans or leggings. 

So, here are the options: Jumpsuits, maxi dresses, maxi skirts, midi skirts and palazzo pants.

Jumpsuits - these were on the periphery last year but have come into their own this season and are likely to hang around for a few more to come. This blue one is from Dorothy Perkins and I can see it being worn as an alternative to a sun dress during the day or being dressed up for the evening with some statement jewellery and wedges.  If they make you feel too much like a little girl try changing your accessories for something more contemporary or sophisticated. 

The second jumpsuit is smarter and could be worn with a blazer to work, or even over a white shirt.  Alternatively it could be styled with gold jewellery and flat jewelled sandals and worn at home. Again it is from Dorothy Perkins.

This third option is a slightly younger fun look from M&S which reflect the trend for all things floral this season.

The most obvious item of clothing to cover legs is the maxi dress.  These have been around for a few seasons now and are almost reaching their saturation point but there are some really good ones out there.  My advice is to watch the print and the volume of them.  Some are just to wide for their wearers!  The good thing about them is that many are cut with a v-neck and an empire line  both of which are flattering for those apple shaped ladies.  Ikat prints are huge this season and this dress, also from Dorothy Perkins, taps into that.  The print keeps the eye on the move, which makes it flattering.  Petite ladies may find that it is too busy for them but there are plenty of alternatives.

This next, also from Dorothy Perkins, is less busy so may suit a more petite frame. The attractive knot detail will disguise a less than flat tummy and the colour is flattering to lots of skin tones.

This Monsoon maxi is nice for those ladies who prefer to keep the tops of their arms covered.  Oasis, Wallis, Monsoon and Warehouse has a good selection of maxi dresses. 

Maxi skirts are a third option.  They allow more flexibility with what you wear on your top half and provide a solution if you have an aversion to maxi dresses!  This green one from Reiss is very pretty.
Next up for consideration is the midi skirt.  Whilst they don't offer complete coverage, they do offer some coverage.  To me, midi skirts are the hardest to get right as they can so easily look wrong if not styled well.  See them on a girl in her 20's worn with a leather or denim jacket and the right shoes and there is no doubt that she is right on trend.  Put one on a 40 plus with a slightly dodgy cardigan and the wrong type of shoes and they can just look, well, you get the picture! This one from TopShop has a very Miu Miu looking print.

The last item is the palazzo pant.  These are more difficult to come by on the High Street but if you look hard enough there are some out there.  The ones below are from Oasis - black so very understated but stylish too.  Topshop has some pleated ones and Butterfly by Matthew Williamson in Debenhams also does some navy ones.

So there you are ladies.  No excuses not to look good even if you do want your legs under wraps.  Tomorrow it is the turn of shoes that don't show your toes!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Rimmel Sun Shimmer

I am going to devote the next few posts to dealing with problems that arise during the summer months - lack of tan, not wanting to show too much of our feet/toes/upper arms/legs and so on. 

Today is the turn of lack of tan -specifically on our legs.  Now, for those of us who are unlucky to face that as an issue, we have two options - fake it or wait until we have exposed enough of our white legs for them to go brown. I just do not tan on my legs, ever, so I have to fake it.  The problem is that I am allergic to fake tan as it brings me out in a rash - so here is the answer - Rimmel Sun Shimmer. This is my third year of using it. It isn't a fake tan, rather an instant tan bronzing spray which washes off.  What I love about it is the price, its easy application, lack of strong smell and its effectiveness.  Because you can see where you are putting it you can blend it really easily and even it out with baby wipes. It take seconds to dry so there is none of that tacky feeling and it isn't orange.  It is available in two shades - golden or bronze and costs £7.99.  I suppose it takes the fun out of waiting to see whether the fake tan has worked or whether you have tangoed yourself but I can live with that!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mum on the Run - A casual cream theme

My husband and I had a pass out this evening so we nipped  up to our local.  I decided to stick to a cream theme and put my cream leather jacket and cream lace top together with jeans and some silver sandals, which were comfortable enough to walk in.  Being the ravers that we are, we were home by 9.30pm having been via the local Sainsbury's on the way back to stock up on essentials for tomorrow.  Boy, do we know how to party!
Jeans Gap, Sandals Carvela, Top Monsoon Fusion, Jacket Oasis, Pendant Jigsaw

Friday, 8 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Chic Accessories

In this case my chic accessory is Peppa Pig - who is peeping out of my bag.  Well, there's no reason why a pig can't travel in style is there?!  I was working this morning and I don't know about you but at the moment I find the weather a bit tricky. Fairly cold first thing but then really warm by about 11.00am. 

I wore some new navy peg leg trousers.  What I like about them is that they feel like silk but are made of tencel (polyester).  I must see if they crackle when I take them off in the dark!  They can be machine washed and cost £39.50 from the Portfolio range at M&S.  I removed the belt, which felt a bit cheap and put my skinny leopard one on instead. 

Peg trousers can be tricky to wear if you carry more weight on your hips as they can add bulk but tencel is not too rigid so that helps. They also need at least a bit of a heel and whatever top you are wearing needs either to be tucked in or finish just above the waistband. I wore a bright pink top underneath for colour and added a cropped 1950's style jacket. 

Trousers M&S, Top Zara, Jacket Dickens & Jones, Shoes Clarks, Bag LK Bennett

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Bright Colours

Yep -and what bright colours they are!  I was on the breakfast show with Joanne Malin on BBC Radio WM and, despite the grey clouds which had formed, decided to go with something from my spring wardrobe and which also tapped into one of the major trends this summer - bright colours.    I toned it all down with some black but would also be happy to swap the black jacket, tights and boots for a cream swing cardi and wedges when the weather warms up enough. 

Outfit: Skirt Dickens & Jones (House of Fraser); Top Oasis, Jacket Gap, Boots Oasis

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Khaki Cargos

"Mummy, I'm a little bit of a handful." These are the wise words just uttered by our three year old. Oh yes, how right she is!

Before I get on to today's outfit, I am going to tell you about my foray into the arena of coloured jeans.  Coloured jeans are everywhere this season and J Brand has them in many colours.  Zara has a great pair of pink jeans which, amazingly, are cut for women who actually have thighs!  I couldn't decide whether I liked them or not. The fit was good and the style suited me but then I could just anticipate the words of my husband -"You look like a flamingo" and that did it for me.  That and the fact that I thought I might be treading on the fashion toes of our twelve year old.  Oh, all right then, let's be honest - embarrassing and humiliating her in front of her friends.  If I was single and childless it may be a different matter.  It may be the case that as the season progresses I may change my mind on the jeans (not the husband and children) but for now - not so good.

So on to today's outfit - khaki cargos, which are a wardrobe staple this season.  These are from Gap and slightly less fitted than I would normally go for - partly because I am between sizes but also because I don't like things too tight in the warmer weather.  I have rolled them up and put them with a white T from Zara (which has a frill on my right shoulder) and which again is a little less fitted than I would normally choose, pink shoes and my Cath Kidston bag.  I was so comfortable.  When someone invents clothes that feel a size too big but look as though they fit like a glove - then we are talking!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Lighten up!

Today is about showing you how to lighten up a dark winter outfit by the use of some colour and accessories - a bit of trans-seasoanal dressing.  The black dress that I am wearing is a really versatile jersey one from Jigsaw.  I quite often wear it with a black cardigan and leopard print belt but today have layered a pink top underneath (which is just poking out from my coat sleeves) and a blue belt.  I have also put it with a brighter printed scarf and bag and a trench coat. It was still fairly chilly here today but despite the fact that I was wearing black I did feel slightly more spring like.

Outfit: Dress Jigsaw, Pink top Gap, Belt Reiss, Scarf Mango, Bag Cath Kidston, Trench Coat Zara

Monday, 4 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Mother's day outfit

Mother's day could have brought all sorts of clothing dilemmas with it - if I let it.  I started off in tennis things and a swimming costume so that was easy.  After that there wasn't much time to think about what to wear before going out to lunch and everyone seemed to need a piece of me - leaving even less time.  One thing I did know - I felt cold and dressing as if it was summer was only going to make me miserable.  So I opted for some fairly smart navy trousers, Oasis boots (with knee high socks for warmth but don't tell anyone) and a new blouse from Hobbs' NW3 collection.  It has a nehru collar and little gold buttons with a tie at the waist and I thought that it would work equally well with these trousers, jeans and white trousers moving on into summer.
I shortly going to start covering the essential items in your capsule wardrobe - covering one or so item each day.  I consider that there are fifteen essential items, which will be broken down slightly further as we go along.  As the warm weather is on its way, now might be as good a time as any to start thinking about those useful pieces that will work hard for you during the summer months.  If you have any tips, items in your wardrobes or brands that you find particularly useful for you, please do share them with me and I will try to feature them (I say "try" only because I don't know if my technological limitations will prevent me from succeeding - but I am sure that I will get there in the end!)

If you have any friends who you think might be interested then please do get them to drop by and sign up to receive their daily update.  Finally, I will be doing a style slot this Thursday on BBC Radio WM at about 10.30am, should you fancy tuning in!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mum on the Run - Jeans and flatforms

Yesterday weather wise it was a funny old day - chilly in the morning but warming up later on when it was time to take number 3 to her friend's birthday party.  I was walking there and needed something flat, so I wore what are being hailed as this season's wonder  - "flatforms" ie flat platforms.  You have to admire the fickleness of fashion.  I bought these a couple of years ago when needing something flat and practical.  Although they were from Jigsaw they were probably considered a bit spoddy at the time but now?  It's a different story completely.  I always loved the purple patent of them and having had a pedicure recently I found, by chance, that everything kind of worked.  The moral of the story - flat shoes are comfortable!! What a revelation.

Outfit: Jeans Gap, Top Monsoon fusion, Shoes Jigsaw