Beth Goodrham

Hi, I'm Beth! I live in Birmingham with my husband and our three children. I spent the first fifteen years of my career as a lawyer, training initially in London and then working variously in City Centre Law Firms, investigating complaints against solicitors and finally reviewing suspected miscarriages of justice.

In 2009, when our youngest child was 12 months old, I re-trained as Stylist. It wasn't that I didn't love my job - rather that it was time to pursue a different passion and also to run my own business. I was approaching a "significant" birthday and it was a now or never moment. Me being me, I took the plunge!

I run my own business - Beth Goodrham Personal Stylist - - where I style individual clients, run Style Events and workshops, speak at conferences, give advice on BBC Radio and write for magazines, I style at least two or three ladies every week who have ranged in age from 16 to 89 and from size 6 to 26. More recently I have started working with QVC as a guest presenter, which I love!

There are a lot of different trigger factors which result in ladies approaching me. For some, they may be reaching a significant birthday, whether it be 30,40,50,60 or beyond. Sometimes there has been a change in their family situation. The arrival of a new baby may warrant a new post-pregnancy wardrobe, or a pre-return to work wardrobe. Other ladies suddenly find that they have time on their hands when their children have started school or left to go to University, which means that they have some "brain space" to devote to themselves. Often a lady will approach me having lost a lot of weight, or having accepted that no amount of dieting will change the shape that she is and so she accepts that, embracing her shape. Some ladies just don't enjoy shopping and would rather that I do it for them, others love it but don't know where to start and some ladies just need a second opinion or a confidence boost. 

Contrary to popular belief, using a Stylist isn't for the elite or for celebrities only. I welcome having to work within budgetary constraints - it's far more challenging and far more fun. Making a huge difference whilst not spending a huge amount is something from which I derive enormous pleasure. In my experience, a budget of between £400 to £500 can buy a significant number of pieces to make a difference to a Wardrobe. 

Whatever the reason for approaching me, all ladies can be sure of a warm welcome, a positive approach and no poking, prodding or being forced to look at themselves in three way mirrors! My skill lies in putting ladies at their ease, working with them not against them, providing advice, suggestions, listening to what they want, helping them to decide what they want if they are not sure and delivering real results.

Please feel free to take a look at my site, and drop me a line if you would like any advice or help.