Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Mum on the Run- holiday day 4

At least the sun was out today.  I say at least because that, together with the increased wind meant that the waves were great and we were out bodyboarding by 8.30 am.  Boy was it cold - really cold.  At one stage I lost sight of one of the children - not great really.   I was near the shore and she wasn't - not only that but she was the other side of a rather large wave which obscured her from view.  There was a moment of panic but then she appeared.  So that was good.

The rest of the day was spent on lots of different beaches, eating ice cream and crab sandwiches, waving the children off as they went off flying and generally having fun.  Our youngest has added to her repertoire of bad habits by taking her trousers off and pulling her pants up her bottom as if she is wearing a G-string.  She thinks it's funny.  I wonder who she's copied it from because it's definitely not me - personally I can't stand the thought of the things.

Anyway, to today's outfit - having been in the sea first thing I was really chilly, so I layered on a vest, shiny new long sleeved top, denim shirt and navy trousers. I am so glad that I didn't bring anything decent as the youngest seems to have taken to wiping her nose or ice cream face on whatever I am wearing, or wiping her dusty feet on me.  The bag isn't even my own - it belongs to my friend who has many more stylish pieces on holiday with her  - but she has only one well behaved child who is nine and who she can fend off before she gets too close with her sticky fingers.  Anyway, I liked it so thought that it ought to make a guest appearance.  It is navy moc croc and is from Banana Republic.  All I can say is I hope that she has some more pieces for me to pinch tomorrow - I am starting to get perilously close to having to start recycling my outfits - oh well, I am certainly doing my bit for the capsule wardrobe.  Trouble is I think that the emphasis might be a bit too much on "capsule" and not enough on "wardrobe"!