Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Mum on the Run - A stripy jumper dress

The day started out a lot smarter than it ended up. I had a meeting with a hotel in the City Centre and so I started off with black trousers, silk shirt, black blazer and heels.  Knowing that I didn't want to be too dressed up when I collected the children later on, I took some spare clothes with me to change into. Apologies at this stage to anyone who saw me getting changed in my car whilst parked in the Waitrose car park. Anyway, off came the silk shirt, black blazer and high heels and on went the stripy jumper dress and flats.  Ah, that was more like it! I love my new jumper dress - I know that it is too big but it is so comfortable and I can wear it as a dress with wedges, with flats, with trousers and flats, with a leopard print belt, with a sparkly scarf -it's just so versatile and at £14.99 it just had to be.

Anyway, now that all three are at home having finished school, what are they doing?  Well, having come home to a lunch seriously lacking in nutrition - actually one hasn't even eaten yet so he really is lacking in nutrition - they are now watching dvds of course - a whole afternoon's worth. How bad is that on the first day of their holidays? 

I used to do exciting things like take them to the cinema, or bowling, or out for lunch (together with the rest of the school) but I have given up.  All those bags, woodwork objects and waiting to be served - it all got a bit much. Plus they are all whacked so Blockbuster it was this morning and I can highly recommend it.  The youngest chose Tangled, or Rapunzel or, as she calls it "Buckpunzel" - and yes, you do have to be careful how you pronounce that one - especially in public. Her swearing vocabulary is already much larger than it should be for a three year old and I don't think that we really need to add to it.

So, that's us sorted for the afternoon - well until they appear for some highly questionable snack, which I will grant, just for today. They think that they have got off lightly. What they don't realise is that I am spending the afternoon typing up lists of jobs for them to do whilst on holiday - there will be daily jobs and weekly jobs, some they may earn pocket money for but most they won't. They think that the witch on Buckpunzel is bad?  They ain't seen nothing yet!

Outfit: Trousers Ted Baker, Jumper dress H&M, Shoes Dune