Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mum on the Run - In a birthday outfit (no, not suit)!

Yesterday I celebrated my 37th (plus 6) birthday. After reading an article in the Saturday Times about the 30 best Lidos in the UK, we headed off to Droitwich Spa Lido. I am now prepared to accept that the weather is properly hot - rather than just on the surface, pretend, hot - so even I braved the outdoor pool. I've never been to a Lido before and it was great. Loads of water hoses and fountains for the kids to play in plus a 40m pool to swim in, which was shallow at one end. I'm now on a mission to do the other 29.
Sadly there were no incidents of an embarrassing/wardrobe malfunction nature to report and everyone behaved. Crikey, what is the world coming to? Maybe it's because I enforced my "yes, you can have whatever you like today as long as it makes everyone happy" policy and the children were all too shocked to do anything other than behave.

Here's the Joules skirt that I showed to you a couple of days ago. I figured that it would work for what we were up to on the day and as you know, I am only able to wear one pair of shoes so that I don't spoil the neatly arranged (now spectacularly, messily, un-arranged) shoe basket in the hall. The t-shirt is H&M and the Cath Kidston bag was a present from our lovely eldest.

Here are a few photos from the day - I think that it's safe to say that it was a fairly pink/pastel affair....

From top left:

Pressie from a lovely friend
Droitwich Spa Lido
Macaroons (said in a Julie Walters, Mrs Overall, accent)
Flowers from hubby
Cake made by son (I'm training the boys well!)
Chocolates from hubby and children

There might be a Tory Burch cuff to show you sometime soon too - another sneaky little Bicester find.