Saturday, 31 August 2013

Shorts and stripes - possibly for the last time this summer - but there are lots of things that I'm dying to show you....

On reflection, I'm not sure that it was such a good idea to comment to the security lady at the airport that my chunky heeled, red wooden Topshop sandals would be good for stashing drugs in if you were that way inclined. She smiled and agreed, as I took them off to go through security, but I have since had visions of them being ripped apart and of me being arrested. Although I suppose it would have made our journey a little more exciting than arguing about who had eaten the last fruit pastille and I think that I probably did have a point (see below!)
So, now that we are back at home I have a million and one ideas for blog posts. However, given the state of the children/house/piles of washing/my legs (I forgot to take a razor on holiday)/lack of food in the cupboards/episodes of Coronation Street to catch up on, today I am going to show you a picture of the cashmere crew neck jumper from Boden which came with me to Guernsey and which did a great of keeping me warm on the days that it was a little overcast! I have already found it so useful and know that I will continue to do so over the next few months. Pink and stripes are a match made in heaven for me so whilst it's more than I would normally pay for a jumper, I know that it will be worth it in the end. It's just one of those jumpers that will go with everything, from these cut offs, to smarter navy trousers, jeans and also my navy sequinned skirt.
Oddly enough, having just checked at Boden, there's a 9 week wait for this jumper but only in a size 6. Given that they come up fairly snug (mine is a size 10 as I didn't want it too tight) I can't quite work out why that may be but in my experience a 9 week wait rarely translates into anything longer than a three week wait.

I think that this is probably the last time that shorts will be featuring on Style Guile this summer, which is sad if only for the fact that it means that the summer may be coming to an end. However, life moves on, as does fashion, and with the new season approaching, there are plenty of exciting finds for me to bring your way.