Friday, 6 December 2013

The Clothes Show!

Today I was working at the Clothes Show, where I wore this sequin sweatshirt dress from La Redoute (£95 down to £66.50). I really like this dress. Whilst obviously it's totally OTT sequin wise, the sweatshirt style dresses it right down, so it's perfectly "do-able" in the day time. Not only that but the style is quite relaxed so it's comfortable. And warm too. A double winner!

It was a great day, with lots going on. I even managed a quick chat with Poppy Dinsey who runs the blog What I Wore Today. I remember seeing Poppy on "Lorraine" quite a while back now and thinking how articulate she was, so it was nice to say hello in person. She was lovely - very natural looking, very down to earth and with some great views on blogging - and in particular, cyber bullying.

I also saw someone from TOWIE, or Made in Chelsea, or something like that. I only know because there were loads of girls trying to get their photo taken with him. Tomorrow will be hugely busy so that should be fun. I'm really hoping that I can catch Caryn Franklin talking with Poppy and others on the Fashion Panel. Like many, I remember Caryn Franklin from the early days of the Clothes Show on TV. She has some great views on fashion so we'll see what she has to say......