Friday, 18 July 2014

A printed Primark dress for £13

The next time that this dress appears on here it may well be as a top! It's a Primark dress which I bought for £13 from Selfridges many weeks ago now. I loved the print but when I got it home I decided that it was too short. I then made several unsuccessful attempt to return it, so finally decided that I would cut it down to a top. However, when the sun shone yesterday, I thought that I would try it on - and there it stayed. Well, for a few hours at least!

Dressed down with Jigsaw plimsolls (Now £29 instead of £59) and this bag from Oushka in silver ((£155) I can just about get away with it - but it's a close call! However being the hottest day of the year does allow a certain amount of leeway on these things, I think.

On Monday we're off to Watergate Bay in Cornwall, where I will celebrate my birthday. This will be followed by a week in Guernsey. With five of us, two destinations, temperatures potentially ranging quite a lot, you can only imagine the fun that's going on with the packing. I have images of the scene in Notting Hill applying to me - the one where Rhys Ifans is wearing a wetsuit complete with flippers and snorkel inside in the middle of the day because it's the only thing he can find that's clean. Watch this space!



  1. Of course you can "get away with it" why wouldn't you?
    Are you going to 15 at Watergate Bay? We went last month...gorgeous

  2. You look great in the dress and it's not too short, especially in hot weather. Ask yourself what would your 70 year old self say to you? I'm sure she'd say crack on girl!

  3. What a great dress! It looks fab on you. Lynne x

  4. I remember when you blogged about buying this, it's a fab print so I'm glad to see an OOTD with it. Please don't cut it down to a top, you look great & it must be ideal for this sticky hot weather...?


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