Thursday, 3 July 2014

Using colour as a HUGE distraction from what is going on elsewhere!

There's scraping the bottom of the barrel and then there's this little number but I know there are at least a few of you out there who wait to see my daily outfit - so here's one from which you can quickly move on!

Let me explain: Most of the day was spent in running things. Then there was a lot of dashing around to do which culminated in a visit to watch a play that our eldest was in. I thought (wrongly as it transpired) that my role was to sit in the dark drama studio, after which I could sneak off quietly. But no, other plans were a foot which involved doing a tour of the school to meet the teachers. Oh heck.

I don't really count leggings as proper clothing - in fact I pretty much hate them with a passion and although these Next trousers don't quite fall into that category, they are very much kicking around the house trousers. However, some delightful little insect has decided to nibble the back of my leg and it's swollen and sore (lovely) so dresses/skirts/tight trousers are out, which didn't leave much left to wear.

Looking on the bright side however, there's always something that we can take away from an outfit and in this case it is this: a bright t-shirt, a huge bright scarf and a bright bag serve as a great distraction from what it is going on elsewhere.