Sunday, 9 August 2015

A cheeky pair of shoes for a cheeky night out...(and they may just be a slight Aquazurra copy)

[Satin Topshop joggers, leather Iris & Ink top, Accesssorize bag, La Moda shoes]

Friday night saw a cheeky night out with some friends for tapas and having seen these shoes in Look Magazine a week or so ago, I treated myself to them.

These "Bad to the bone black" shoes from La Moda which are £24.99...

...are an unashamed copy of the Aquazzura Wild Thing tassel heels, which are £515.

I suppose it is a little bit naughty really but there are some things in life that wouldn't sit well with my conscience and there are other things that I am able to reconcile. This one I can. For some bizarre reason I'm really looking forward to wearing them at Christmas. Why that may be I have no idea, particularly as the thought of the summer ending fills me with dread - although one small consolation is all the new clothes coming into the stores. Soooo lovely!