Monday, 31 August 2015

A "to die for" J. Crew cardigan....(in my dreams!)

It was love at first sight. It had me at the navy, it had me at the white - but then I saw the price (£285).  

I have a shorter version of this type of cardigan which I bought from Cos several years ago but it's more of an Aspen/Wham "Last Christmas" type of cardigan than the one above, which I have fallen for hook line and sinker. I love how it's styled over a whimsical style of dress, rather than with the more traditional skinny jeans/leather leggings and boots look - although in fairness that's how I would be wearing it. If I ever owned one. Note to self: contact friend who regularly travels to the States to see if he fancies a trip to J. Crew.

Since seeing this image (courtesy of the Sunday Times Style Section) I have hunted high and low on-line for something similar. I've tried Banana Republic, Gap, Mango, Zara, Cos, Jigsaw, Atterley, Hush and even the men's section of some of those brands but the closest that I have found is this...

Topshop Starsky cardigan (£55) - which I would be quite happy to buy, just for the name. But no, these things cannot be rushed. I must wait a little longer to see what comes in the stores. For some reason I suspect that I may find one in Primark, when I'm least looking for it. And that's what I love about clothes and shopping!

Oooh and I just wanted to share this birthday present from my school friend Charlotte, over at Lottie's Interiors. It is gorgeous - THE perfect shade of pink for me (she knows me well) - but far too nice to go in the kitchen and be filled with biscuits - so instead it's keeping my beside table tidy. Seems that I need to acquire a few more bracelets. Ho hum. Life's tough.

Hope that everyone has a good day on Tuesday and that it's not too miserable to return to work after this lovely (!) bank holiday weather that we have been having. Beth x


  1. That's a great idea for Gianni...and I'm going to steal it!! Glad you like.xx

  2. Bear this one, Beth; would this help scratch your navy and white oversized cardie itch?,default,pd.html
    I realise it's quite different, and totally man-made, but I do have a grey poncho from George that's nearly as nice as my Duffy on (but 10x cheaper!). I really like your trying-on vlog, thanks. Lou x

  3. Bit late, but have you seen this one on ASOS?


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