Monday, 28 September 2015

In today's NEW vlog I'm talking about fringes and all things fringed....

We all know that I've been wittering on about buying a fringed bag for a while now and finally I found one that I liked with reference to price, colour and the amount of fringing that it had on it.

I'm a bit of tinker when I get a new bag and I just use it non-stop, which is what I've done over the weekend. But I do love a red bag, especially if it's a red bag that I can wear across my body and even more so if it's a good price and with a tassel or two.

So, here's a picture of the GAP tassel bag (showing as £32.95 online but I paid £14.95 for mine in store). You can see it much better in my new vlog, which is available to watch here.

In the vlog I'm wearing this M&S tie neck blouse (£29.50) which can be seen much more clearly than when I wore it underneath the dungarees in my last vlog. Why don't you give it the good once over to see what you think?!

Plus there's a surprise Zara top on the vlog which has tassels (and a mind) all of its own - but unfortunately once again, no link. Sorry!

I do hope that you enjoy the vlog. As well as fringing, there's a little bit of a fringe chat going on too. What do you all think to VB's new fringe? I have a little something to share with you about it!

Please do let me have your thoughts, comments and views.  Have a great week. Beth x