Saturday, 26 November 2016

The tale of the Fur coat and its changing colour...

The finished article!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that for a few weeks now I've been playing with the colour of this Zara mint fur coat that I've had for a few seasons now. Given that I bought the coat via my own free will, I obviously didn't dis-like the colour per-se but I wasn't a fan of it on me. The colour wasn't quite deep enough and on occasions I felt a bit Orville like but nonetheless I loved its fluffiness and warmth, so I decided to dye it to see what happened. 

This was its colour pre-dye...

I dyed it with one box of navy blue dye which was really easy to use. I had to wash the coat on its own, wash it again with the dye and then run the washing machine through again whilst empty.

One box of dye is sufficient for a garment that weighs up to 600g. At 750g that coat was slightly over the limit but I bit the bullet in any event.

So this was the coat after its first round of dye. In all honesty I'm not sure that this colour is a true representation of how it really looked after round one and prior to round two, which probably isn't really that helpful but it at least it provides an idea. Still, I did keep wondering whether, if I used two boxes of dye, it might finally go navy. I knew from reading the instructions that i was unlikey and instead, that the coat would end up a mix of its original colour and the colour of the dye...but I'm an eternal optimist.

Which is exactly what happened. It didn't go navy (other than the inside label) but it did go a darker shade of green - but a shade that I really like so in the end (wait for the pun) all came out in the wash. And actually I have to say for a pretty inexpensive fake fur coat, it washes like a dream.


  1. I dyed a pair of black mint velvet jeans and unfortunately they have gone all out of shape, they are not the cheapest jeans either! The coat does look nice though.


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