Monday, 31 July 2017

From maxi skirt to mid dress....

This is the ASOS maxi skirt (£35) which I blogged about a few posts back and which I decided to wear as a dress. It's been pretty handy since we've been out here on holiday. I've also worn the black one - in fact I'm wearing it as I sit and type this - which I'm doing just before my 250th game of UNO for the day.

Luckily the sun is shining, the stash of inflatables is being added to at a vast rate of knots (we now have a unicorn, a flamingo, a doughnut, an inflatable bed and a pink rubber ring) and everyone is happy because we have Wifi and Netflix - which means I can't get people off the running machine as they've discovered the art of watching TV whilst running.  We have been sampling the local culture too - particularly the delicious Greek food and local towns but if I'm honest, I'm happiest with my gorgeous hubby and kiddies playing in the pool.

I hope that everyone is having a good week at home. I realise how annoyingly irritating it can be to read about other people's holidays, so for that I apologise. But I have to admit to being relieved that for once, we're not suffering Wales in the rain (which I've done many times with three squabbling young children over the years) so I hope that you will forgive me.