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Monday, 15 December 2014

The 12 outfits of Christmas - Day 1, casual glamour (Clamour)

[Outfit: Seven boot lane boots, Cos jeans, Jaeger boutique jumper, Miss Selfridge scarf]

So today I've decided to start my 12 outfits of Christmas feature. It's the third year that I've done this now (I think) but I'm sure that by day 4 I will have run out of ideas and I will be asking you all to contribute - which of course you are all more than welcome to do anyway. Maybe my Mum will even let me have a photo of herself in her New Look Christmas jumper. She's just had her hair permed so I'm sure that she's feeling on top of the world right now. 

My aim is to include outfits for lots of different occasions so whilst the outfits may not all be "live"  hopefully they may give some ideas - whether they be ideas of what to wear or what NOT to wear. As with last year, I'm hoping to include a gift idea each day too. I won't lie, they will be girlie all the way! 

OK so clearly I'm not up to anything overly glamourous today but even on those days when you're doing lots of jobs and ferrying children around for their MOTs (dentists/opticians etc) there's no reason not to include a little something special. So I've come up with the term (or maybe I haven't at all but I've not heard it anywhere before) of Clamour - casual glamour - which is really your scruffs but with a bit of bling, fur, sparkle or whatever takes your fancy.

I've added this fur scarf from Miss Selfridge (reduced from £25 to £12.50) to my outfit, which I'm also using as my gift idea for the day. They come in several colours - pale pink, mint green, black and mine is the grey one. I'd been after a fur scarf for a while but all the ones that I had come across were pretty pricey. Then I saw this one and thought "that will do nicely thank you very much" and I haven't taken it off since. Although it isn't furry on the back, it has a nice satin lining so it still looks nice and it's also slightly gathered at the bottom which makes it sit well. I reckon that receiving something like this on Christmas morning could make that enforced after lunch walk a whole more appealing, especially when all you really want to do is to sit on your bum watching telly and eating chocolate. 

So anyway, onwards and upwards. Here's looking forward to Day 2.....

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A nod to the sixties with Dune patent shoes and a Jaeger Boutique dress


We all know that there's a bit of a 60's thing going on at the moment and it's an easy trend to tap into without looking too try hard. Many will already have some block heeled shoes and if not, there are plenty of them around this season. One option is to wear them with some cigarette pants and a fitted jumper, maybe with a Peter Pan collar or, as I'm wearing above - an A-line dress which is slightly above the knee.
Here's how to re-create the look:
Take one Boden Ottoman shift dress...

add in a Cos rounded collar mock shirt (£29) - which will give any round neck dress, or crew neck jumper, a 60's feel (don't tell anyone but I was in Bon Marche today with my Mum and they had some lovely crew necks - 2 for £20 no less! Oh and did anyone else realise that David Emanuel, as in Princess Diana's wedding dress designer, did a range for them?? Random!)

and the Dune Affina court (which has a little block heel)....and there you go. Job done!

Of course I appreciate that this look may be the last look that anyone wants to recreate but I wanted to copy one of those recipes at the back of the Saturday supplements which show you how to take three ingredients and cook a five course gourmet meal for 25 people in 10 minutes and you think "yeah right, do us a favour" - but seriously, my version is actually achievable!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Dinner out in a dress by Jaeger Boutiqe and a Kate Spade bag

We're now back from our time away in Brighton and boy did it rock! We did crazy golf, the big wheel, pitch and putt, we went on rides on the pier, ate ice-creams, visited choccywoccydoodah and did lots of walking along the sea front. I love pitch and putt and play it in much the same way as pool - whack the ball as hard as you can and see what happens. Most of the time it's a disaster but other times the results are spectacular - far and away above one's true skill.

Anyway, on the first night I decided to wear a dress for dinner. After that it was all downhill and in fact for most of the days I wore my running trainers with my outfits - and not even in a remotely cool or trendy way either - just in a nerdy comfortable way.

The dress I am wearing is by Jaeger Boutique, the shoes by Dune and I bought the Kate Spade handbag on my recent trip to Bicester. It comes in lots of colours and was either £68 or £69. There's clearly a direct correlation between the age of your children and the size of your bag - the older the children the smaller the bag. Obviously our children are growing up. It's nice to be past that stage of having to carry colouring things, sticker books and snacks wherever we go.

And at crazy golf the next day (I managed to get a hole in one, although not in the particular hole we were aiming at) there was a ball to match my bag. It was a sign, I was sure.  Of what, I am less sure but it was definitely a sign....

Friday, 18 October 2013

Trophy Trousers - the winter wardrobe saviour!

Have you noticed how the world "Trophy" is used a lot in relation to fashion? Trophy jackets, trophy ear-rings - those pieces that are a just that little bit more special than the norm. I wonder though whether the "Trophy" in relation to "Trophy wives" has been somewhat lost in translation - because last time I checked, I'm not sure that it was a wholly positive description!

Today I'm looking at Trophy Trousers. I think that these can be a winter wardrobe saviour on many levels and here's why:
  • Generally they are a cigarette shape, which is a more flattering shape than a skinny trouser;
  • Given their shape, they finish at the ankle and flashing a bit of ankle can be quite sexy;
  • For a smart casual event, when jeans won't quite do but a dress is too dressed up, a pair of trophy trousers and heels are a great option - think school bash, Christmas drinks with the vicar/neighbours, trip to the ballet (I just re-read "ballet" back to myself as "toilet" and clearly whilst you could wear Trophy Trousers for a trip to the toilet, it may be a bit OTT), friends around on Christmas day - you get the gist;
  • With pointy toe heels, they lend themselves to a real 1950's vibe, which is incredibly stylish;
  • They can be dressed down for the day with a round neck jumper, flats  and a parka, or up for the evening with a blazer and sparkly heels.
So these are some of my current favourites:

1960's jacquard trousers Jaeger Boutique (£70) - arguably these are quite spring like in their print but I think that's nice for the winter. I love the cobalt blue in these and for anyone with blue eyes, picking that colour out on your top half would look really stunning. Because these are currently on sale, sizes are limited but customer services should be able to advise which stores stock your size.

Polka Dot slim leg trousers Jaeger Boutique (£60). A dark background with a lighter accent colour is a really flattering combination. Spots are a great for those who aren't really into a floral print and the navy and green makes a nice alternative to black.

I saw these Jacquard fabric tailored trousers Jigsaw (£98) yesterday and thought that they looked like  a really good option. The grey, purple and orange colour combination actually works really well and lends itself to a whole range of different coloured tops. In fact, the crystal jumper that I bought from Topshop and which I featured yesterday would go well with these. Hmmmm, I'm liking that idea....

I mentioned these camo jacquard cigarette trousers from Topshop (£45) yesterday and here's a picture of them for you. I've fallen in love with these a little bit too. Wearing shine can be tricky on the bottom half but there's just the right amount of shine so that they are on the right side of flattering.

For a slightly more subtle option - and perhaps a good place to start for those dipping their toes into the Trophy Trousers water - these floral jacquard PJ trousers Topshop (£35) are a good option. The "navy within the navy" combo is a great one. A silver sparkly top, a white shirt, or pale knit or a bright pink/yellow/ top would work brilliantly.

These Jacquard cigarette trousers Next (£35) will appeal to those who prefer something other than a navy or black option. Great with cream, camel, pale blue or turquoise, they could go from work to party quite easily.

I'm quite intrigued by these Jacquard Harem trousers Zara (£29.99). They could either be brilliant or a big fat fail. Unlike most of the others, I haven't seen these in the flesh but if anyone has, please feel free to report back. If not, I may be forced to go on another research trip and frankly that's all proving a little too dangerous at the moment.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

One guaranteed way to make legs look longer and hips narrower....

One guaranteed way to make legs look longer and hips look narrower is to wear a high waisted, dark rinse, flared jean with heels. Tone those heels to the colour of your jeans and hey presto, you look like you are on stilts (not that I do here; in fact this shot doesn't demonstrate the point particularly well at all but I'm sure that you get my drift.)

So what is it all about then? Well the high waist on the jeans makes legs look as if they start higher up than they do, a dark rinse is instantly slimming, the width of the flare in comparison to the width of the hips and thighs makes them look narrower (which is why tapered trousers have the opposite effect), heels obviously add height and the whole trick of toning shoes to jeans continues the lines without interruption.

I bought the jeans that I am wearing in the Jaeger Boutique sale last summer. With the trend being for skinny and boyfriend jeans, flared jeans are quite hard to find on the High Street but now and again I really like wearing them - and it means that I still haven't had to wear tights! Mango has this pair for £39.99, which should do the trick.

The jumper is going to get a post of its own devoted to it and the statement necklace is an old Hobbs favourite.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jaeger - Taking a look at some favourite pieces, which currently have 25% off with Grazia Magazine

It just so happens that in this week's Grazia, there's an offer for 25% off at Jaeger. With that in mind I thought that it would be a good idea to take a look and see what Jaeger has to tempt us with this season and to bring you some of my favourite picks.
For anyone shopping in store, you will need to take the voucher from Grazia in with you. However if you are shopping online, just enter the code GRZA25AW at the checkout to claim your discount. It's valid until 10th September.
Just a word about Jaeger. Traditionally it was a twin set and pearls type of brand. The brand that your Mum would head to at the age of 45 when the hair started to turn grey and box pleated tartan skirts were the order of the day. Now, however, it's up there with Reiss and Whistles in terms of some of its pieces, particularly those from it's Boutique range. And the skirts these days are more likely to be of the leather and neon tweed variety, rather than the box pleated tartan skirt variety - although they do have a rather fetching leather buckle mini skirt, similar one to my Mum owned many years ago. 
There are lots of fantastic pieces in this season's collection and I think that it's worth taking a whizz around the site, even if it's with a view to identifying the pieces that will inevitably end up in the sale after Christmas. I like making a "hit list" of things that aren't actually affordable in the real world but which may become so, either in a sale or even in a couple of years time in an outlet.
The colour of this suede biker jacket (£399) is fabulous. It's a really beautiful colour on lots of skin tones and adds a real punch of colour to a darker winter wardrobe. Some may think that they would tire of it quickly. I take the view that if you love it at first sight, you will probably love it forever (just like one's husband really!)

The boucle biker jacket (£250) offers a traditional fabric in a modern style. This would be a really versatile piece - going from the office, to the evening and the weekend with ease. There's a skirt to match this particular jacket so for anyone looking for a modern twist to a skirt suit, this could be a good option. There are going to be lots of those around this season though, so it's worth just bearing that in mind.

The leather trim pea coat £375 is a classic style which won't date over the years, even with the addition of the leather trim. I love pea coats which look great done up, with roll neck jumpers, skinny jeans and loafers for a preppy look or open, with a big printed scarf, leather trousers and heels for a more modern look.

For anyone on the look out for some fancy pants trousers, perhaps to wear to a winter wedding or to wear at Christmas when something just a little more luxurious than jeans may be required, the animal jacquard trouser £165 could be perfect. They could be taken down the silk shirt/blazer/heels route for a smarter look, or down the sweatshirt and chunky heeled ankle boots route for more of a daytime look, or down the subtle sparkles and fierce heels route for the evening

This yellow cable knit sweater £160 would go brilliantly with jeans, navy, black or grey trousers, with a flippy skirt or one of the wider skirts that are around this season - either worn a size larger for a slouchy look or nipped in at the waist with a belt for a more fitted silhouette. It's sunny, smiley and fantastic for a bleak winter's day.

Jaeger has not only this leather skater skirt £250 but also a selection of leather pencil skirts too. I have a friend with two teenage daughters and her husband hates skater skirts with a passion. I'm not really sure why. Something to do with their length/arguments about their length I suspect!   Anyway, that aside, a skater skirt can be more flattering on some shapes than a pencil skirt and arguably, easier and more versatile to wear as their shape is less formal.

I'm really quite excited about this Italian wool metallic skirt £160 which is on my list of things to investigate tomorrow after the first drop-off of the new term. It has a pretty metallic thread running through it which adds interest to it and with its flattering shape and good length, it could be a wardrobe winner. I would wear it with fitted jumpers and earthy colours to pick up the rose gold of the zip.

The Sally jersey dress £80 has been around for a few weeks now but it's a cheeky little number. The colour is really vibrant and it could be worn with bare legs for now and then with thicker tights and boots as it gets colder. Biker boots would be good, as would a heeled shoe boot.

For a more formal event, I love the elegance of this crossover front dress £225 which comes in several bright colours. The black band at the waist is really flattering and for those who prefer some element of coverage on the arms it would be a god-send. Given where the sleeves end, it would lend itself perfectly to a jewelled cuff or bracelet.  

For a smart/casual top, and with sweatshirt styles still featuring this season, the Jamie Lace Sweater £60 is a nice option. With it being a slightly more relaxed fit, it lends itself to a more fitted bottom half - either a pencil skirt, skinny jeans, or anything without too much volume in it - unless you happen to have the build of Alexa Chung, in which case anything goes.

Taking a quick look at accessories, the Jennifer bag £99 has more depth to it than this picture would suggest, which is good for those of us whose purses are full of receipts and who carry around various (non) essential items "just in case". It was so popular last year that it has been re-issued in several different colours this season. This emerald green looks great against those dark coats that we all have hanging in our wardrobes.

I like the Tortoiseshell cuff £50 as an alternative to leopard print. It still does a great job of pulling brown and black pieces together in an outfit but it doesn't have some of the negative connotations that go with leopard print - which I don't hold but which I understand. The gold studs are a nice touch too.

Finally this Leather cuff £65 comes in four different colours. I love a good leather cuff to add some edge to a simple outfit and the metalwork on this one is good and chunky!

I like a discount and I think that a 25% discount has the ability to make (some)things that wouldn't otherwise be affordable, fall into that almost affordable category. I hope that there are one or two things here to help you kick-start your winter wardrobe.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Mum on the Run - Pink Coats

I thought that it was jolly nice of Louis Vuitton to include pinks in their window displays.  In real life, the colours are much closer to my coat than they look.  I also thought that it was good of them to make sure that the shop was closed as I was passing - just so I couldn't be tempted. 

I have a theory that people like to see bright colours on others, even if they would rather not wear them themselves.  A bright coat, shoes or bag will always elicit a chirpy comment - even if it is along the lines of "you know what they say about women who wear red shoes!"

This year I have had lots of people ask me where I got my pink coat from.  The reason that I say "this year" is because my coat must be at least 5 years old now - if not more - and it was from Benetton.

I have found some alternatives on the high street, should you be tempted to replace your black coat with  a pink one (go on, I dare you!  It goes with black, navy and grey and makes a nice change).

So, as for my chosen coats, they are all pink but all diffent in their styling ranging from a fairly smart work coat, to a very simple streamlined on trend shape, to a sweet 1960's style coat.

The first one is from Jigsaw and costs £249, however, Jigsaw is holding a 10% sale on Thursday so if you do like it, you might want to wait until then.  Although it is double breasted, so in theory less suited to ladies with a fuller bust, the two rows of buttons are quite close together so it is actually more flattering than some designs and looks less like you have targets on your chest!

The second coat is from Jaeger Boutique - it is currently in the sale with 50% off and costs £199.  I quite like this design - it's very simple, slightly cocoon shape so very up to date and slightly more casual than the Jigsaw one.

The third coat is from Oasis and costs £65 but look out for offers. It's called "Dolly" which pefectly describes the shape - 60's, girlie and very pretty.

I hope that I have sown the seeds.......