Sunday, 11 March 2012

On the Run - Weekend Wear for a Trip Away

Although I may not have participated in "Sunday Best" this week, leaving that duty to someone far more glamourous, it was always my intention when I started Style Guile that I would share as many outfits as I could with you - including the good, the bad and the ugly.  None of us finds it too difficult to flounce around in a lovely dress and heels but it's the day to day attire which proves more challenging in so many ways.

We were away in Wales this weekend, where we have a much more "outdoorsy" existence than we have at home - lots of walks along the beach, lighting fires and pottering around outside, just faffing really.

For me, there are two approaches to packing.  First, take a capsule wardrobe and work out what to wear as each day comes, knowing that everything will work together. The risk with this approach is that it ends up being less capsule wardrobe and more entire wardrobe, as it can be hard to know where to stop - and you can still be grabbing items as you rush out of the door (says she, speaking from experience!) Second, take specific outfits for each day.  The latter option is the much braver one as there is either little, or no, room for maneouvre. Having said that, it can also be much quicker to get dressed in the morning as one's options are so limited.

I took the second approach this weekend and packed two distinct outfits - one for Saturday and one for Sunday.  The things that I had to bear in mind were the temperature, the need for practicality taking account of the beach/playing with fire/eating ice cream/wandering around the local town activities and the fact that I was likely to be wearing wellies on at least one of the days - so wide leg or boot cut jeans weren't an option.

The Saturday outfit (above) had a dark blue theme of skinny jeans and a shirt dress with accents of pink from a long sleeved top, belt, coat and pink Campers.

For the Sunday outfit I went down the grey and peach route with grey skinny jeans, two grey long sleeved tops, peach/pink jumper, grey and peach scarf.  It was just a bonus that the F&F at Tesco wellies matched - even I'm not that sad! 

So, there we have it. Essential every day weekend wear which allowed me to do all of the things that I wanted to do without worrying about my clothes or worrying what to wear because I had no choice in the matter!

What I Wore:

Saturday outfit: Gap jeans, Cos pink top and navy shirt dress, Hobbs pink belt, Camper shoes, Selfridges coat;

Sunday outfit: Grey Cos jeans, one grey Jigsaw and one grey French Connection top, Mango scarf and jumper, F&F wellies