Friday, 8 February 2013

Mum on the Run - An outfit from H&M outfit which cost £27 (£15 without the necklace)

It's fair to say that there were one or two observations from friends this morning about the brightness of my neon combination and I have to agree that the sweatshirt and necklace were exceptionally bright. In fact I'm not sure that I realised quite how bright they were until I went outside.

The Zara coat, Miss Selfridge gloves, Marc Jacobs bag and All Saints shoes you have seen many times before but the skirt, sweatshirt and necklace are all new and courtesy of H&M - as in that's where I bought them.

The sweatshirt was a reasonably priced £9.99, the necklace was £12 (ish) and the skirt was a totally bargainous £5 in the sale. With reference to the skirt, I did make the observation that, due to its length and fit, I couldn't see myself managing to put the washing machine on whilst wearing it. However we concluded that some outfits weren't "washing machine putting on" kinds of outfits. No, instead I went to see my Mum and all we did was sit, chat and eat M&S sarnies and crisps, so it was perfect for that.

I can live with the black leopard print - it's fairly subtle.  Arguably it would be even more so if some idiot didn't go and stick it with a bright coral sweatshirt and necklace. Oh, and by the way children, there aren't any clean clothes for you to wear. Except....the eldest has already made several comments about liking the sweatshirt and if she doesn't have any clean clothes of her own that can only mean one thing. Sorry, must dash. Need to go and put the washing machine on. There's no way she's getting her mitts on this one.