Friday, 1 March 2013

Mum on the Run - Lovely sandals to go with the new tops that I brought to you yesterday...

I fear that I am about to go off on a frolic of my own. I think that there might be a bit of tip-toeing through the tulips, dancing in the daisies and even some running through a sunny meadow - all on a warm summer's day, naturally.  It's all in my head of course and it goes without saying that clothes are involved.

Having brought you a selection of summer tops yesterday it would be wrong not to bring you a selection of shoes to go with them. Most of these are from Clarks but I'm happy with that if you are. Over the years the designers at Clarks have really got their act together and with their good price point, half sizes, width fittings and extra padding where needed - and let's face it most of us can do with a bit of extra padding from time to time - you can't really go wrong.

Obviously, with their pink and coral colouring, the Smart Deva (£44.99) style appealed to me. After years in the fashion wildernes, the block heel is suddenly looking very fresh - unlike the wedge which is looking a bit out of touch with the upcoming season's styles.

These white and silver ones are uber trendy, tapping into not only the whole white thing which is going on at the moment but with the addition of silver, also the futuristic one too.

I think that these would look really great with this skirt that I spotted in Topshop a few weeks ago. Let's work some sheer into the look too! OK so you may need to look like Alexa Chung to pull it off but as I say, it's all in my head anyway. A neat little blouse with a Peter Pan collar would finish the look off nicely.

Then there's the Sharna balcony  (£39.99) (which also come in a snake print finish). Slightly lower than the ones above, they too have the metallic finish and the ankle strap is a great alternative to a T-bar style. I quite like these. I'm not sure that my ankles will though and I will perhaps have to have a little chat with them to see whether they will behave in them - or whether they will pudge out slightly over the top. If it's the latter, these shoes can stay confined to my head.

I think these are a very cool 1970's style wedge and remind me of something quite Scholl like. The Serin Wedge (£79.00) also come in white. These definitely feature with a pair of flared washed out jeans, the second top from yesterday (the slightly hippy one) and a floppy sun hat. I can see these shoes running through a meadow, all Timotei/Flake advert like. Of course if it happened in reality, I would put my foot down a rabbit hole and go flying, ending up splat in something that a cow had deposited but as I say, it's all in my head, so I don't. Oh and I'm missing an essential part of the outfit - the long blonde hair - but there's nothing I can do about that.

Now these Sarina Bowes (£49.99) are definitely more city like, more edgy and more utilitarian. They also come in a black and tan version. These are to be worn on the days when you mean business in a black blazer, black or grey silk track pants, with a touch of neon kind of way. That's how I see them anyway.

They would also look great with slightly wider jeans rolled up to the ankle, a linen T and some loose tailoring. A little bit unstructured and maybe a big scarf for a "I've chucked it all on together and it just works" look, when actually it is a little bit planned after all.

The Sarina Betty (£54.99) are very similar in design to the ones above and are virtually the same as a pair from Hobbs NW3 last summer.

Although I mentioned wedges looking a little dated when compared to the new heels on the block , which just happen to be blocked ones, the Scent Flower (£49.99) have a 1950's feel about them which I really like. I can imagine Kelly Brook in these with a Betty Boop style bikini of shorts and a halter neck top. If you actually had it in mind to wear some clothes with these shoes, skinny white jeans or an A-line denim skirt and a broderie anglaise/lace top would look nice.

Having not featured a completely flat style, the Studio Beat (£44.99) in natural snake (which also come in metallic leather) fill that wardrobe gap of a style which is both comfortable and due to its neutral colour, versatile too. Snake print is popular this season but that aside, it's a nice way of adding some interest and texture but in a subtle way.

And how could I not include the Hobbs Millie Derby (£139)? Clarks has a pair of brogues which are lovely and a great price but it's time to give someone else a look in and these have muscled their way into my consciousness. For anyone in the market for a pair of brogues, these have to be worth a look. In fact, I would love someone to buy them and then I won't feel that it is my duty to do so. So, would anyone be prepared to help me out and report back on them (when they are finally available)? Please?