Saturday, 31 December 2011

Mum on the Run - the 12 days of Christmas - a New Year's Eve outfit

This was the skirt which was ordered from John Lewis and which I paid for to arrive a day later - that being Thursday. In fact it arrived two days later but because of its late arrival, the delivery fee was refunded together with a £20 discount - so that was a top result!  The skirt was from Kew 159 - metallic slub bell skirt (I am still not sure what the 159 part of Kew's re-branding is all about but there we go!)

We are with friends for the New Year and staying in, eating and drinking lots!  My friend and I decided to get dressed up (slightly) even though we weren't going anywhere.  However I suspect that shortly after dinner we will put our PJ's on and chill out!

I have put the skirt with the same top that I wore on Christmas Eve (Hobbs jumper) opaque tights, shoe boots, H&M ring, Stella & Dot bracelet. Sometimes it's good to see things in a photo - I was slightly concerned that the "bell" aspect of the skirt was going to be too bell like for my liking but I think that it is just about OK.

Hope that you all have a fabulous New Year's Eve!  See you next year.