Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A fail safe outfit - a little like a two and a half minute fail safe Jamie Oliver recipe!

It's not rocket science but slightly battered jeans with heeled boots worn with a nicer top always works for me as an outfit. It's like a Jamie Oliver two and a half minute fail safe recipe - but it takes less than two and a half minutes to put together. I like to be comfortable and able to move around - and there's nothing worse than watching your every move in case you mark something that's dry clean only. So the combination of jeans that don't matter but a top that does (isn't that what aprons were invented for?) works on lots of different levels.  

Sometimes I go with sparkles on the top half, sometimes it's a Breton stripe and a statement necklace, sometimes it's a printed blouse or sometimes, as in this outfit, it's a particular colour combination that I like.

With yellow and grey being a favourite combination, I wore a sequin striped Whistles jumper with an H&M necklace, yellow Karen Millen cuff and a Warehouse grey jacket, which also has a sparkly thread running through it. 

So, that's one fail safe easy outfit. A whole "recipe" book of others might be good I think!