Thursday, 17 October 2013

Not so much camouflage, as a jacquard skirt in a camouflage print, from Topshop

I would have felt it rude to have visited another City and not headed straight for the shops so, within less than an hour of arriving in Belfast yesterday I was in Topshop.
Initially I was on the hunt for a pair of shoes that I'd seen. Sadly they didn't have them in the colour that I was after but at least I could establish which size I needed and thanks to the internet they are now on their way. So anyway, instead I had a good look at the clothes.
I decided to try some leather panelled leggings (BIG mistake - along the lines of the "Big mistake" comment made to the shop assistant by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman). There was something else that I tried that was also so bad that it has been wiped from my memory. However the jacquard print camo skirt and crystal jumper were much more up my street.
I bought the crystal jumper in grey marl but it also comes in pale pink, deep berry and charcoal. For what it's worth, I think that this could be a wardrobe winner on many levels, particularly in the run up to Christmas. It would do a good "pepping up" job of a plainer bottom half, from jeans, to black trousers or a simple skirt.

And this is the jacquard skirt, which is in a camo print. I was attracted to the skirt by the finish and colour as much as the camo and it's the perfect camo piece - less army, more luxurious. I really like the trousers and the dress in it too - and the tiles on the hotel floor for that matter but sadly I couldn't bring those home with me.

 So, the whole outfit was Topshop crystal grey marl jumper (£46)

Topshop camo jacquard skirt £38

I also wore LK Bennett Sledge shoes in grey
Here's also the link to the Camo A-line dress, trousers and bomber jacket, all from Topshop .