Monday, 18 November 2013

What makes a dress the perfect everyday dress?

Quite often it can be tricky to find a dress that is as versatile as we might like it to be - and sometimes whether it truly is or not, only becomes apparent once we've got it home and worn it a few times.
There's never going to be a "one size fits all" in that department as we are all different shapes and sizes and have different lifestyles and requirements - but for me this fluoro animal print shift from Warehouse (£50) which I featured last week, fits the bill. I've worn it to a friend's house for a birthday tea, out for dinner, to work and out for lunch.  
I've given it some thought and this is why I think it works for me;
  • Whilst the style is fitted, it's not bodycon so I can still get in and out of the car, put the washing machine on and work in the shops and generally do what I need to do;
  • There's enough room in it for me to layer a thin cotton H&M long sleeved top underneath, meaning that I don't have to cover it up with a cardi - which can totally ruin the look of a dress;
  • The fact that it has sleeves also means that I don't have to cover up too much with additional layers, making it a "throw it on and go" type of dress;
  • It's the right length to wear with heels or flats. I find that some dresses which are just about OK with flats can be way too short with heels;
  • It wasn't so expensive that I'm worried every time that I wear it;
  • I like the print and so I'm more encouraged to wear it. On the other hand, the fact that it is printed means that it's pretty obvious if I wear the same dress a lot - but I can live with that;
  • The print contains both black and navy so it's easy when it comes to which coloured shoes/tights to wear with it (ie whatever comes to hand first!)

Here I'm wearing it with my favourite coral H&M necklace and my All Saints cocoon coat, plus Zara boots. Let me know if you have any thoughts on what makes your perfect everyday dress.


  1. Will definitely have to look into this dress Beth, it's similar to the whistles ones I've been coveting. Is there much stretch in it for a growing bump?

  2. It definitely works for me too, very good tips, thanks a lot


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