Monday, 24 March 2014

Baukjen Spring/Summer 2014 - Just a little bit of loveliness!

With some brands you have to do a bit of rummaging and hunting around and before you come across something that you like. That's not the case with Baukjen, where virtually everything I look at I can imagine incorporating into my wardrobe - it's stylish, simple, elegant and very wearable. 
Not only that but with my stylist's hat on, I have more time for those brands who think about their demographic and who reflect their customers wishes in the design of their clothes. That little bit extra length in the hem of a dress, the addition of a sleeve, some clever ruching, a scooped or v-neckline and a wide range of colours - it all goes a long way.
So with that in mind, here are a few of my favourite pieces from this season's collection.....

The Marseille trouser (£79) is a soft, draped, lightweight style of trouser. The choice of summer trousers which can be styled for both in, and out of work, is quite limited but this style fills that brief really well. With heels, a shirt and a blazer, they would work well for the office but with flats and a linen T they would equally well for the weekend.

The Madrid cropped jacket (£179) is made of ponte jersey which, for its warmth and comfort, is one of my favourite fabrics. I think nowadays, with a less corporate feel in the air,  many of us look for pieces that are super versatile and which can be worn both in and out of work. With our love of jeans, it's also great to be able to dress them up for a night out and this jacket does just that.

For me, the print on the Maya shirt makes it really accessible and not too challenging for those who tend to steer clear of prints. Whilst it has a presence, it's not too domineering and will quietly go about working hard for you, whilst you get on with what you need to be doing. This shirt also comes in a blazer (£195) and trousers (£105) which are shown below.

A patterned jacket is a great way of drawing the eye upwards, either as a means of attracting attention to the top half, or as a way of distracting it from the bottom half where sometimes, let's face it, heaven knows what goes on.

I love a printed trouser with a pair of heels and a simple top. The vertical design within the pattern makes them really flattering.

For anyone who hasn't yet tried a jumpsuit, I would seriously recommend that you give one a try. I know that I keep on saying this but as we move on in life (OK, get older) the choice of what's available for us to wear does change, if not reduce slightly, so it's good to keep ahead of the game and try something either new, or that we haven't tried for a while.

The Elisa jersey jumpsuit (£99) has that versatility that's so important and with a scooped neckline, a reasonable sleeve and with some room in the legs, it's a definite winner for lots of different shapes. Styling one with heels will make all the difference.

I sometimes think the search for that perfect, holy grail, of day dress is never ending! I love the cobalt blue colour of this Sabina wrap dress (£95). There are lots of fantastic styles of really versatile and flattering dresses with sleeves and in great colours too.

This outfit is a chic and stylish way of incorporating leather into a look in an understated way. It's not too rock chic, not too Cher, or too Sandy from Greece but just simple and elegant - with a bit of a kick ass feel about it! The Ravenna leather skirt is £309 and the Santorini Tee is (£55).

Finishing a long day with a relaxed feel is always a good thing! The summer joggers (£59) are pretty high up on my list of things to acquire within the next few weeks together with the Iona striped tee (£45). I have visions of long car journeys to Cornwall in mind, quite possibly with a Baukjen brochure on my knee as I plan another purchase - well, July is "birthday month" after all.