Friday, 28 March 2014

Printed trousers - Can I tempt you?

I'm having a bit of a trouser moment right now but I have to be quick as tomorrow I am up and out early, working at the Touchwood Centre in Solihull. I spent several hours last week selecting the clothes and many more choosing the outfits and topics I'm going to talk about. I'm there for nine hours tomorrow and only a few less on Sunday - and I was up late last night watching Jaws 3, which was so terrible it was brilliant. You can tell the husband was out last night as usually it's Top Gear, Wheeler Dealers, Man vs Food or something like that on the TV.

There's a whole array of printed trousers out there at the moment, including big floral prints (quite high on the scary scale if you're not used to wearing them), graphic prints (ditto), paint splash (ditto plus some), spots (slightly less so) and jacquard - less so for some, not for others. Personally I like a bit of jacquard and I particularly like these Topshop jacquard trousers (£42) - which is why I bought them. They're not dis-similar to these...

...J. Crew lattice trousers (£98) which I also like but not as much a) because the Topshop colours are more up my street and b) because they were a whole lot cheaper. There's no time to do clever collagey type things tonight so I'll just give you some tips on how to wear them....

  • Printed trousers can often lead to concerns about bottom/thigh coverage, so opt for a long line blazer or top and some heels for their elongating properties. This is a good look for work or for a night out. For those with long, slim, legs and narrow hips, crack out that crop top. OK, maybe not quite cropped but do go slightly shorter;
  • I'm liking the whole J. Crew preppy look for the spring, so for a more casual look opt for brogues or loafers and a crew or v neck jumper, or a chambray shirt, such as the ones featured a couple of days ago. Throw on a trench and that's the job done;
  • For a look that's more high summer, wear with a slouchy linen top and sparkly thongs (UK version, not US, thank you very much).
Can you be tempted?! Anyway, tomorrow I hope to post what I'm up to on Instagram and twitter so do follow me @BethGoodrham. Hope to see you there!