Thursday, 27 March 2014

Having a moment in one of my favourite high street stores - GAP!

Now I have to say that these trousers aren't the easiest colour to wear - and I'm not sure that I've got them quite right yet, which is probably more to do with the time of year than anything else. Some will balk at the thought of pale pink/flesh/flamingo coloured legs and I totally get that but I liked the idea of them for a change. When it's warmer, there will be other options in my wardrobe that will work slightly better. I'm thinking that a slouchy cream jumper and heeled sandals will work well, or a printed silk shirt and silver sandals.

Anyway, these are the trousers in question, the super skinny GAP khakis (£24.95). They come in navy, khaki, grey (as well as flamingo colour) - oh and as you might expect from GAP, they are really generous so it's worth trying a size down. I've always found them to be really hard wearing and great value too.

I particularly like the biker style detailing around the knees and the panelling down the side. It just makes them a little more interesting.

I love all styles of GAP khakis and each season I take a good look at them. For those who don't like the idea of the skinny ones, the broken in straight style aren't so skinny, in fact they are more of a straight leg, so they can work really well as an alternative - love them with these brogues too.

I'm having a bit of a GAP moment right now. The sale is fantastic and it's so good for basics. In addition to the blue shirt that I have bought recently, I have also bought a couple of bargain basement items - a plain long sleeved top and a running top - and I also picked up this denim zip back top (£29.95), which with its discount was about £17. It will work really well with most of my non-jean casual trousers and it will make a great backdrop for a statement necklace. Luckily I have just the one to show you...really soon!


  1. I think the trews look great in that colour on you. Im loving the little booties too. Where are they from?

  2. When I opened your blog email this morning, that first picture came up on my phone slightly cropped at the thigh and I thought wow, Beth's rockin some denim hot pants - go girl!!! I giggled when I realised you were wearing jeans! You look great. Love your blog. Mel x

    1. This made me LOL.. Beth could probably pull it off as well! X

  3. I would love a grey pair. Gap are one of my favourites at the moment too. You can pull off the pale pink. They would love lovely with a good quality white tee or shirt.

  4. I must admit I trawled and hauled in Gap, the other day, and I did notice the pink jeans and really liked them. I wish I had tried them on now. I love the way you have styled them. H xx

  5. I got a great haul in Gap the other day, some total bargains there at the moment. X

  6. love the look of these on you, i have a grey pair still in the bag 3 weeks later - i have tried them on a few times but just not sure, how to you find the rise on them? I feel they are giving me a muffin top!, I would normally take a size 8, 36 in zara 2 in j crew, but i ended up buying a size 4 in these, maybe a 6 was better although i felt they looked loose on the leg...don't know what to do keep or return, and time in running out to decide grrr


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