Friday, 13 June 2014

A versatile summer dress from M&S Autograph (which is great if you also happen to be pregnant!)

I'm working with M&S over the next couple of days at their charge card holder event and as part of that, I have to choose an outfit to wear. It's always a bit tricky - largely because I leave it until the last minute and also because of the considerations involved in terms of the demographic of the ladies I'm presenting to, price point, comfort, practicality and the fact that I need somewhere for the microphone pack to go.

Today I wore this snake skin print dress from Autograph (£65) together with these leather cage sandals, also by Autograph (£55) which are currently out of stock online (sorry, I didn't know that until I just checked).

I really liked this dress as it's a good length, it's lined and it feels lovely but you know what? It would make a fantastically, brilliant, maternity dress for a wedding. I was going to take a photo to demonstrate the point but I'm not sure that it would have done anyone any favours. Please someone buy it and wear it to a wedding (you don't have to be pregnant but for anyone who is, it could save a lot of dress hunting).

The shoes are really comfortable too - but given that they are out of stock online I'm not sure that it would be fair to talk about how much I like them....

Sorry about the photograph - there were too many people in the store for me to get one there so I went and hid in a changing room!