Wednesday, 11 June 2014

If you love something enough and keep it for long enough, eventually you'll find a way to wear it!

I think that this Hobbs shirt that I am wearing is testament to the fact that if you love something enough, eventually you'll find a way to wear it. I must have had it for three years or so and I never really found a way that I was happy to wear it - but that was before boyfriend jeans came along - the saviour of many an outfit!  With a white Zara blazer which picked up the white in the shirt, it all came together OK and I enjoyed wearing it. I also think that a white blazer is a good way of "lifting" lots of pieces which could otherwise look a little dark/wintry for this time of the year - what with the amazing summer we are having and all that.

My aim is to get to bed by 10pm because, if I'm totally honest, I have been a little grumpy with certain members of the family this evening (not Mr SG I hasten to add - he's out). Chocolate has assisted somewhat but there's no substitute for sleep so that's why I'm keeping this brief and without links - please forgive me.

The jeans are the Hampton slim boyfriend from Jigsaw and similar shoes are available at Clarks and Dune (I particularly like the cornflower blue ones.)

Sorry, better dash - I'm going to turn into a pumpkin. Or the hulk.