Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Allium B - the Hannah Liberty print sundress

When I was asked by Mary and Clare, the sisters who run Allium B, to wear their Hannah dress (£95) on Style Guile I was only too happy to agree.  The dress is made in a lovely Liberty print and it is 100% cotton, so great for the summer. I'm a big fan of Allium B dresses and am lucky enough to have three of them, to include the Eliza (£95) which I love for its retro styling and the Audrey (£110) which I adore for its simplicity, pretty neckline and the addition of a sleeve.

Mary and Clare put a huge amount of thought into their into designs, making sure that the straps are wide enough on their dresses to accommodate a bra strap and that the length is long enough to protect our modesty! They design a limited range of dresses which can be updated season by season by tweaking them with the latest accessories. 

I really like the scoop at the back of this dress. As time moves on there's probably less and less of ourselves that we want to reveal - but a bit of back is still OK!

For anyone who likes the idea of an Allium B dress, a 20% discount from the full price can be obtained by entering STYLE at the checkout.
And here's a shot of the pretty as a picture model who is wearing the dress on the Allium B site.


  1. That is really very pretty. I understand the allure of the Liberty tana lawn, I try to spend my summers in lightweight cotton just like that. Love the photos here, too, you look very content and happy!

  2. The print is very nice and the fabric looks good quality without being too substantial. Lovely picture of you and your little girl. :)

  3. Oh very pretty, what a brilliant dress and it looks great on you

  4. This is gorgeous Beth, love the scoop back as well. Not heard of Alium B until they started popping up on British blogs just recently- the c/o promo is obviously doing the trick to get their name out there!


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