Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beach time but not a bikini in sight. Nope, for me it's a petit bateau yellow coat...

[Raincoat petit bateau, shorts GAP, Jumper Reiss, Wellies Joules, Sunglasses Jigsaw]

Sometimes when there's a mammoth task in front of you (in this case building an ancient sandcastle city) the only thing to do is to throw yourself into it wholeheartedly. I find that new buckets and spades which co-ordinate with your outfit helps, as does a whole lot of energy and enthusiasm. Then when everyone starts to fade, it's time for lunch and one of these for dessert.....

This spectacular treat was from Scoops in Caernarfon, which is famed for its Dutch pancakes and Artisan ice cream. It's definitely worth a visit if you're ever in North Wales. Hope that everyone is enjoying their hols!

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