Friday, 17 July 2015

Taking style inspiration from Kate Bosworth....

If there's one person who pulls off the shorts and ankle boots look a treat, it's Kate Bosworth. It's a tried and tested look that she wears over and over again. Obviously having very slim legs that go up to one's armpits helps. For the rest of us mere mortals - OK, me -  it's never going to be quite so successful however, we're all entitled to make our own way in the world!

I saw these Jigsaw Sally ankle boots (reduced from £139 to £69 in the sale) when I was shopping in Leeds a few weeks ago and I added them to my pre-winter stash of necessary items. They were designed to replace a similar coloured pair of Zara ankle boots which I bought a few years ago. Having found them so useful I knew that this pair would be a good investment and the slightly lower heel makes them more wearable every day.

Anyway, I thought that I would give the above look a whirl as it also gave me a chance to style my Baukjen playsuit in a slightly different way. Although it was warm today it wasn't hot and I'm really trying to embrace the opportunity the weather is affording me to wear some slightly different combinations that others might wear in April or late September, when I am head to toe in my thermals.

OK so it's not quite this.....

Image courtesy of Pinterest

But you know, if we never tried anything slightly different the world would be a very dull place. So, is there a combination that you're going to wear that you haven't done so before, or have you had any recent magnificent successes?