Thursday, 16 July 2015

My Zara sale star buy!

Sometimes the best buys that we make aren't expensive, or "big" or things that we've coveted for months but rather things that we spot out of the corner of our eye and which make our heart miss a beat. I know that this makes me sound very simple but for me it was this navy sparkly jumper in Zara, which was reduced from £25.99 to £7.99. I came across it yesterday - the last one in the store but I've just checked and it's still available online in both navy and khaki. It only comes in one size - a medium - which kinda makes things easier.  Some people collect jeans, or shoes or bags - well I collect navy sparkly jumpers and this is my new favourite.

Zara sequin jumper reduced from £25.99 to £7.99

Reasons why I like this jumper?

  • Apart from the fact that it's navy and sparkly, it's short so it works really well with this Whistles midi length skirt, which up until now I've had a problem finding a top for;
  • Ditto this will open up a whole host of options with other skirts and high waisted trousers;
  • It has a decent weight to it so it will keep me warm.
What more do I need to say?!! Have you made any great sale buys. Come on, 'fess up!

ps If you look closely by the ankle strap of my left sandal, you can see my Sponge Bob Square Pants plaster. Such a classy bird!!