Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Yesterday I had a trip to London for a preview of Hush's S/S '16 collection. Not only that but breakfast was provided by the Mae Deli, which is Deliciously Ella's new enterprise. Being a fan of Deliciously Ella's recipes, I couldn't wait to see what was on offer and I wasn't disappointed - juices, mango flapjack and chia pudding. Hush clothes, plus food from the Mae Deli - what more could a girl want?

Well nothing really but then when Amanda, The Online Stylist, and Frances from School Run Style arrived, the day turned from a lovely one into a fabulous one. It was also lovely to meet Vikki from Style & Minimalism Joanne from The Stylist and the Wardrobe and Sylvia from Sylvia Sparkles. It's so nice to put voices to faces and to share experiences, challenges and successes with others. Their blogs all make for a brilliant read so do drop by if you have a spare minute or two.

So as to the clothes, there were several different stories in the collection, from paler blush colours to graphic prints and from khaki to brighter colours. They included the softest cashmere ever, lovely knits, swim wear, beach dresses, a fuller cotton skirt, gorgeous shorts in fluid fabrics and leather pieces too. Plus shoes - oh the shoes!

I pretty much think that these shots speak for themselves, so I'll let you take a whizz through them at your own pace but let's start with accessories.

Beautiful sunglasses - a real outfit maker (and hider of wrinkles). I just wish that I could bring myself to wear them in the winter. Life would be a whole lot easier when it came to taking early morning photographs.  

Graphic and neon. Just gorgeous!

I love a tassel. Beach, festival, school run, day chilling at home or out for a BBQ - they are the necklace of the summer.

Good to see that pineapples are still having their moment - and strawberries too. I love both of these cheeky little numbers!

Stars, like stripes and leopard print, won't go anywhere. Ever. (Well I don't think that they will)!

OK so let's take a look at shoes. These are now made in house rather than being outsourced, as are the leather pieces (black A-line skirt and biker for this season.) Heels, flats, sandals, brogues, flatforms, trainers - Hush has all bases covered!

And now on to T-shirts. I'm not a huge t-shirt fan and the older you get, the more they need to be right to avoid looking, well, rubbish really. But I think that the cut, and these stars, would help with that.

And I know that I'm a cliché  but I'm a sucker for a palm tree. Maybe not in the "Club Tropicana" Wham type way but a subtle palm tree gets me every time.

If you haven't yet ventured into the dangerous waters of a logo sweatshirt, this could be the perfect time to start.

And as for a smiley sweatshirt. Well I think that this would look just perfect on a rainy beach in Guernsey. Maybe Hush could start doing brollies too.

See what I mean about a palm tree? I love this colour and it has a depth that works for me. Much as I love the paler blush pink of which there is so much this season, it really doesn't like me.

Flamingos are still having their moment too - from glasses that I recently bought in Ikea, to a new ironing board cover with flamingos on from John Lewis (I know, living life on the edge again) they are still finding favour.

And saving the best until last, this was my favourite piece out of everything. Why? Well it's simple and chic in a "dress up, dress down" type way. And I'm happy to embrace off the shoulder as a trend but only if the piece is simple like this, rather than frilly as otherwise I think that I would feel a little ridiculous. Oh and I love the trim too!

So let's talk temptation! Are you tempted with anything here? Here I've linked to the pre-collection (which includes the beautifully soft cashmere jumper, the leather skirt and leather jacket and an amazing jumpsuit) with the rest of the collection going on sale mid February. Enjoy!