Wednesday, 6 January 2016

This season's favourite skirt for any time, anywhere - and a Radio Programme which may be of interest

I know that I wrote about this H&M wrap skirt not that long ago, so apologies for that, but it really is a fail safe that goes with everything (a little like the skirt version of jeans really) so I thought that it was worth mentioning again.

I love coming across something that I wasn't necessarily looking for but which I fall in love with and which I then wear non-stop. It's a bit like when you've been in to Home Bargains. You come out with all sorts of things that you just hadn't appreciated you couldn't live without. Non-slip hangers, coconut oil and a new laundry bin anyone?

In the above outfit I stuck the skirt with all manner of things that came to hand - tartan, denim, a big cardi and pony skin shoes - but I did have the excuse that it was the first school run that I had to do in weeks so I was all over the place.

I'm slightly more restrained in this outfit with a Zara jumper and Topshop leopard print shoes. This jumper is another firm favourite from this winter but you see those sleeves? They've been caught up in more Deliciously Ella/Madeleine Shaw/Joe Wicks recipes that you can shake a stick at.

For anyone who is interested, this week's Radio 4 Food Programme is called "Eat to Run" and it's really worth listening to if you like that type of thing. A listener was interested to know how important diet was to running performance so she wrote in to ask - and the programme talks you through it. Here's a link (which fingers crossed will work) if not, it's available on the iPlayer. Hope that you enjoy it!