Sunday, 17 January 2016

A Quick Outfit of the Day...warm and comfortable is fine by me!

Remember the Jigsaw jumper dress and Karen Millen pleather leggings that I said I would probably wear from now until April? Well here they are again ! The outfit worked for our trip to see Joe Wicks so I figured that it would work for a Pizza Express birthday party. The gloves are from Whistles as is the bag (both sale items from last winter and last summer) and I can't remember where the hat is from but frankly I just need to wear a hat all the time right now. My hair is driving me nuts. I fear that it will be chopped again sometime very soon.

And I thought that I would share with you great insight and self awareness from the now 8 year old.

"Mum" she said "I'd love to be Sports Captain or House Captain at school and I've told everyone about it."

"Oh that's lovely." said I "Who chooses who gets to have these roles?"

"The teachers."

"Well you need to tell them too then."

"Oh, they would never choose me. I'm far too irresponsible. I mean, have you seen the state of my room? It's meant to be tidy and it looks like a pig sty."

I wasn't sure whether to laugh, offer encouragement that that wasn't the case....or tell her to go and tidy her pig sty like bedroom. It amazes me how children can suddenly become so wise and have such great insight about themselves.

I'm hoping to nip into town tomorrow for a last quick whizz around the sales. Anyone on the lookout for anything in particular?!