Friday, 6 July 2012

On the Run - Oh hec, who cares today?

When I woke up this morning to the sound of rain AGAIN, I just knew that it was going to be a jeans day. I tried really hard earlier in the week to wear a skirt but had to abandon my plan by lunchtime as I was so cold - so I wasn't going to make that mistake again.

Some of you may recognise this as a Boden tunic from years ago, It is so old that the print  has probably been archived by now. Some of you may even have it yourselves.

Anyway, I still love the tunic - both the colour, and the print, and despite my ponderings on the subject, I still haven't managed to part with it. It's great for a day like today when I am based at home but have eight trips to various activities in the evening (none of which are mine)! I can stick it with jeans and converse and not have to think any more about it all day.

Before I headed out of the door this morning in my mac, I grabbed this animal print scarf with a pink trim - which I left there all day. I like a bit of mixing of prints so was happy to keep it on - but then I would have been happy to keep it on whether it went or not, so long as I was warm and comfortable.

As you can see, trying to find a corner in the house without anything in it in which to take a photo proved difficult today.  But, there's a story with the ice skating boots. Contrary to my fear a few weeks ago that having a daughter with the same sized feet as me could be a bad thing, in fact I think it could be a huge advantage.

You see, there are one or two pairs of boots that I have spotted recently which I would like to buy.  Secondly our eldest also could do with a pair or two of boots. So, here's the plan - I officially pass to her a couple of pairs of my older boots which she has virtually adopted as hers anyway, which leaves both wardrobe space and a justifiable argument for me to have some new ones.  Oh, and I would also like to have a couple of ice skating lessons, so it's handy that she has some boots already.  Never let it be said that I'm not a glass half full kind of person.

Whereas before I was hoping that her feet would either be too small or too large to fit my shoes, I now hope that they stay exactly as they are - it's my passport to (certain kinds of) new shoes! (Why do I feel guilty writing that - as if I am using her for child labour or something? I don't actually want her to do anything at all - other than not grow any more - and then it's only her feet.)

Just one other thing before I finish.  I have been asked by Britmums to do a monthly round up and review of fashion blogs.  So, if anyone writes a fashion blog and would like to give it some additional exposure via the Britmums blog please get in touch and I will see what I can do.

Happy Friday!